From the daily archives: "Tuesday, June 22, 2010"
From the day B and I got married we knew we wanted to be parents. I knew B would be an amazing father when the time came. I knew that God had blessed me not only with a great husband but also with a great father for our future children.

B and I have been waiting for the right time to start our family. The first year we were married we spent a lot of time apart due to B’s job and him working all over Ontario. When B was finally home for more than a few weeks at a time we needed to reconnect as us before we could even think about starting a family. And then job changes came for me, and a new adjustment period of a new schedule.

So now almost 2 years after we’ve been married we’re ready for our family to start. We just spent an amazing week in Mexico for vacation just reconnecting and relaxing, and we came to the realization that we were finally really ready.

We’ve always been open to starting our family, but we also knew there was a wise time for us to start. When we’re able to financially support our family, and emotionally support our family. A time when B and I knew that our relationship was more than strong enough to stand up to the trials that come with being parents. That we could be an example of a good healthy loving relationship for our children to look up to.

So we’re starting our journey to start our family. For the two of us to become 3. for our love to create someone else for us to love.

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