Sometimes I think I take B for granted. Not that I don’t realize how hard he works for our family, or how blessed we are to live where we do and have the family that we do. But I take for granted how much he pays attention when he seems to be so aloof.

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrapbooking. I love being creative and creating cards and layouts that I can have forever or give to someone. But sometimes I think B takes it for granted a bit. I work for hours (literally) on a card for his mom’s birthday, and he’s like “oh that’s nice”. Well, my opinion totally changed in the last few weeks.

B and I have started thinking ahead to when we start to increase our family (don’t get excited mom!), and decided that we will need two bedrooms upstairs, one for the kids, and one for a spare room. So subsequently we need to find a new home for my scrapbooking desk and storage and B’s desk and our office. So to the basement it went. Now this is not an easy job. I have a huge, gorgeous desk that my daddy built me, and then a pantry full of stuff, and then more stuff on top of that. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have so much stuff.

The move went in stages. We started with all the stuff from around the room, and then moved the furniture and then the rest of the stuff. So after everything was in the basement we started organizing. I can’t do a lot of heavy lifting because of the car accident I was in earlier this year, so I was relying on B a lot more then I usually would. While during the process of deciding what goes where and what should go or be donated, B finds some post-its that I had used for a specific technique. I told B that they could be tossed, and his response was, “well what if you ever want mask again”. Seriously – did you just use the right word for that technique? At that moment I realized that B does really pay attention to what I’m saying and what I’m working on even if he looks like he’s just watching sports.

That moment just confirmed to me that B does pay attention and he does appreciate all the work I put into cards for his family, or layouts for our family scrapbook. I just have so much more appreciation for B that he really pays attention to what I’m doing and my hobbies. I love knowing that he actually gets it.

So after two weeks, well not quite two weeks, the basement is finally in order and my scrap desk is ready to use. And use it I have been. I’ll post the link to my scrapblog when it’s up and running for real.

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