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B and I had planned on redoing the spare room in our home and turning it into the future children’s room. So the process actually started back in May when we move everything around so we could redo both of the rooms upstairs.

We had our office with all my scrap stuff, and B’s computer and all our files and records in the one room, and then the spare bed, and all our wedding gifts that don’t have homes yet in the other room. So in order to get the house ready for little ones, we had to move everything around. We moved my scrap desk and all my scraping stuff to the basement as well as B’s computer and our office files. So we could paint the ‘office’ so we would have a new guest room. So that room got painted, and we – well B – moved everything from the spare room into the new guest room. And we went to work on the new babE’s room. We had made the decision on what we wanted to do months before hand. Well I decided what we were going to do and B like it so we went with it. But it took a lot of research and time figuring things out. So during our week of vacation at the end of July we decided to get to work and get as far as we could on the room.

This meant ripping out the carpet so we could put the wainscoting in, and prep for the new floor. I can’t stand carpet in kid’s rooms, just a disaster waiting to happen, so laminate seemed like the prefect replacement. And then getting the green on the walls above the wainscoting. And I did none of this. B’s a bit over protective, and I’m not allowed around the chemicals and smells of paint or any of the hard work. Of course this is the week that we told all 3 sets of parents, so when we started on Monday my dad had no idea the news he was going to get that evening. But we started Monday morning anyways with putting the wainscoting in, and after 2 mornings working hard, there are 3 pieces left to do and the topper, and then the floor. Well and the painting of the wainscoting, but I think that if B works really hard for a weekend or two it will be all done. Well after Dad get’s the last 3 pieces and topper done. Thank goodness for parent’s who have amazing crafts and trades.

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We’ve been working hard at turning out house into our home. We’ve done a lot to the most trafficked parts of the house. We painted the main floor and kitchen, and put in new floors. We re did our bedroom and made it our own. So now that we’ve got those done we’re moving on to the guest room and future kids room.

So how does a ladder play into this. Well if you’re a bit more patient I’ll tell you. This week my task was to get the primer and the paint on the guest room so that we can move everything from the nursery into the guest room to start working on it. The more daunting of the two rooms. So I went and got everything ready to start painting, including getting B to move the heavy things upstairs. So after 2 days of painting I went to move the ladder to the hallway to make room and realized that I had gotten a bit of pale daffodil paint on the ladder. Kicking myself a little bit, since it was B’s Christmas present last year, and this was the first thing to get on it. But this brought me to the realization that those ladders at my dad’s house with every colour of paint on them are ladders of love. That ever splatter of paint is from a project he did for us with love. Painting my sister’s room all wacky colours for her, or ripping off wallpaper and painting my old room a nice pink and green even though he didn’t love the colours. Painting the main floor of my childhood house the week before my sisters wedding because my mom had a nightmare that her dress looked green in all of the pictures because of the wall colour. And then painting our new house, the house we built for him. The red paint from the trim in my new room; the Raspberry fizz of his new office, just to please my mom. And his ladders have splashes of these colours all over them. A reminder of all the colours he’s put up and the projects he’s worked on for us.

So while working on making our house our own, I may have accidentally put a little paint on the ladder, but I’ll always remember painting that room, and have that splotch to remind me of our first house and the yellow room that will build memories for us for years. The room that my mom will sleep in when we bring our babies home from the hospital, the room B’s sister will sleep in when she comes down from Ottawa to meet our kids. So although our ladder isn’t  in pristine condition anymore, we’re building our memories and our ladder of love one paint colour and project at a time.


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Most people who know me, know that I can be a little impatient; Well a lot impatient for some things. So after the way I’ve been feeling and what’s been going on here in the E house, I decided that I would be impatient and take a test.

Well that hopeful feeling was right. I’m pregnant! Two lines and all. Wow! I stared in shock and awe for a minute – and then grabbed my phone. B’s 1500 miles away for work, so I can’t just run up and hug him. But I couldn’t not tell him and wait until he got home on Friday. It’s Monday and he just left this morning. So dial the phone, two rings and a “Hi Babe”.

I wish that I could have seen his face, that’s the only thing that would have made this better, but as much as I wish I could have waited until he got home on Friday, I know that it would kill me and I needed my best friend to know. I mean it is going to be our secret for a while, at least another 10 to 12 weeks.

So now all the planning starts. I have to call the dr’s and get a referral to my OB/GYN. Thank goodness we’ve been planning for a bit and I’ve taken advantage of kijiji and have bought most of the maternity clothes that I’ll need. We have a crib to look at when B’s home this weekend.
I’m so excited, but still a bit flabbergasted. Is it really for real? Am I going to be a mom soon? March isn’t really that far away. My sister will have someone to share her birthday month with. Am I doing the right things? How am I going to be feeling? Will I be okay in the next few months? Could my boobs get any bigger!! B’s going to love that, but will I?

The next few weeks will be hard to keep quiet! I hate keeping secrets! But I’m excited for the day we can tell our family.

I’m pregnant! I really am. And I couldn’t be more happy!

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