From the daily archives: "Friday, July 16, 2010"

We’ve been working hard at turning out house into our home. We’ve done a lot to the most trafficked parts of the house. We painted the main floor and kitchen, and put in new floors. We re did our bedroom and made it our own. So now that we’ve got those done we’re moving on to the guest room and future kids room.

So how does a ladder play into this. Well if you’re a bit more patient I’ll tell you. This week my task was to get the primer and the paint on the guest room so that we can move everything from the nursery into the guest room to start working on it. The more daunting of the two rooms. So I went and got everything ready to start painting, including getting B to move the heavy things upstairs. So after 2 days of painting I went to move the ladder to the hallway to make room and realized that I had gotten a bit of pale daffodil paint on the ladder. Kicking myself a little bit, since it was B’s Christmas present last year, and this was the first thing to get on it. But this brought me to the realization that those ladders at my dad’s house with every colour of paint on them are ladders of love. That ever splatter of paint is from a project he did for us with love. Painting my sister’s room all wacky colours for her, or ripping off wallpaper and painting my old room a nice pink and green even though he didn’t love the colours. Painting the main floor of my childhood house the week before my sisters wedding because my mom had a nightmare that her dress looked green in all of the pictures because of the wall colour. And then painting our new house, the house we built for him. The red paint from the trim in my new room; the Raspberry fizz of his new office, just to please my mom. And his ladders have splashes of these colours all over them. A reminder of all the colours he’s put up and the projects he’s worked on for us.

So while working on making our house our own, I may have accidentally put a little paint on the ladder, but I’ll always remember painting that room, and have that splotch to remind me of our first house and the yellow room that will build memories for us for years. The room that my mom will sleep in when we bring our babies home from the hospital, the room B’s sister will sleep in when she comes down from Ottawa to meet our kids. So although our ladder isn’t  in pristine condition anymore, we’re building our memories and our ladder of love one paint colour and project at a time.


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