B and I had planned on redoing the spare room in our home and turning it into the future children’s room. So the process actually started back in May when we move everything around so we could redo both of the rooms upstairs.

We had our office with all my scrap stuff, and B’s computer and all our files and records in the one room, and then the spare bed, and all our wedding gifts that don’t have homes yet in the other room. So in order to get the house ready for little ones, we had to move everything around. We moved my scrap desk and all my scraping stuff to the basement as well as B’s computer and our office files. So we could paint the ‘office’ so we would have a new guest room. So that room got painted, and we – well B – moved everything from the spare room into the new guest room. And we went to work on the new babE’s room. We had made the decision on what we wanted to do months before hand. Well I decided what we were going to do and B like it so we went with it. But it took a lot of research and time figuring things out. So during our week of vacation at the end of July we decided to get to work and get as far as we could on the room.

This meant ripping out the carpet so we could put the wainscoting in, and prep for the new floor. I can’t stand carpet in kid’s rooms, just a disaster waiting to happen, so laminate seemed like the prefect replacement. And then getting the green on the walls above the wainscoting. And I did none of this. B’s a bit over protective, and I’m not allowed around the chemicals and smells of paint or any of the hard work. Of course this is the week that we told all 3 sets of parents, so when we started on Monday my dad had no idea the news he was going to get that evening. But we started Monday morning anyways with putting the wainscoting in, and after 2 mornings working hard, there are 3 pieces left to do and the topper, and then the floor. Well and the painting of the wainscoting, but I think that if B works really hard for a weekend or two it will be all done. Well after Dad get’s the last 3 pieces and topper done. Thank goodness for parent’s who have amazing crafts and trades.

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