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There are times in our lives that we are so blessed and most of the time it’s not with physical things, it’s with love or grace or provision.

Well this weekend was a time when we were so blessed with love that accompanied physical things.

B has always had a great relationship with his former boss. P is a great guy who has been a great example to B not just in business but in life. He’s a great father and husband and I look up to him so much, as does B. Well when our news broke B emailed P to let him know, but also just inquire if they had any baby things they were wanting to sell since their kids are a bit older now. Well P’s response to this was ‘for the cost of you bringing your truck and moving it you can have it.’ Amazing offer!! But we didn’t fully understand what it meant until we popped over on Sunday night. We thought maybe a few items, but after the hugs and congrats and catching up with their little cuties, we headed out to their garage, and things just kept coming out of there and into our truck. A high chair, a carseat with 2 bases, a swing and bouncy chair, an infant bed, nursing pillows, play mats, exersaucer, and a huge garbage bag full of cloth diapers. For B and I this is one of the biggest blessings we have ever received. And I know that P and L appreciate that they were able to bless us but also have a bit more space to bless their kids with new toys and things.

Well B and I got home and unpacked the car. Well B unpacked the car while I had a mini rest. And after surveying everything that we had received we realized that we need to have to really really have to get the babE’s room done asap so we have a place to put all of the things that we have acquired. But that’s another day’s story.

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I feel fat, I know I know, you’re saying, ‘J you’re not fat, your pregnant’ but really I just feel fat.  This week I have not be able to do up a single pair of work pants. Not a one. I have been living in my new favourite pair of maternity jeans when I’m not at work. Too bad I can’t wear them to work. Right now I’m not big enough to be able to fit into any of the work pants I have, but I’m too big to wear any of the work clothes that I love. I have a feeling I’ll end up just buying work pants a few sizes too big and just trying to get through the next month or two. Hopefully they last more than a month, I’m not sure it’s in the budget to spend too much on anything that only lasts for a few months. I guess that’s the game we play with maternity clothes.

Other than fat, I’m feeling completely exhausted all the time. Its 12 noon and I want to have a nap, but of course I don’t have time to nap. I go to bed at 9pm and I’m up at 7 – at least an hour more sleep then I usually get and I’m waking up feeling like I could nap for an hour or two more. Too bad coffee is a big no no during this time in life, I could use a cup right now.

Now I’m done complaining, that’s not what the focus on this time in life should be about. So now I’m going to start focusing on the great things. Like in 32 weeks I get to meet my little babE. B and I get to be parents and start this next chapter in our lives and I can’t wait for that time.

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Wednesday is one of my favourite days of the week. And for one specific reason, Wednesday is date night with B. Lately B’s been gone away a lot on business, leaving me home alone on date night. But this week he’s home, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now it is a boring date night; we just finished putting dinner in the oven, and then we’re going to eat, work on menu for next week for the time that he’s home, and then we’re off to run errands. But it is Wednesday and we are having a date.

When B’s away it possibly one of the hardest things for me; it’s hard to plan meals for one, or thinking of what to do for an evening. But the worst thing is when he’s gone for weeks at a time, and I get into my own routine and then when he comes home, we’re completely out of sync. I hate the feeling I have when I wish I could just go and do my thing rather than spending time with him. Thank goodness this time B’s home off and on in between weeks away, and we have a mini break and we’re able to reconnect between.

Even tonight is not an exciting date night, it’s still a date night, and time for us to just be us. To just hang out, whether its in the kitchen, or just chatting in the car on our way to errands, or just snuggling on the couch watching mindless tv shows. I happy for tonight, and I’m happy that with B gone for the next 3 date nights, I get tonight. I get tonight my best friend.

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Finally after a long time, at least it feels like a long time I’m back doing some of the things I love. Last night I took my second ballet class of the summer, and I can’t explain how much I have missed it. I spend most of the fall last year in ballet class and teaching pilates. I gave up ballet just because of scheduling and then after my accident I had to give up teaching pilates.

Last night was amazing. True I couldn’t do the jumps that I love, or a lot of turns. Better safe than sorry and I would prefer not to have to take pain killers after what’s supposed to be an hour of fun. It was great to get back to the barre and do the basics. My technique may not be as good as it was when I was dancing 40 hours a week, but I hazard to say that I enjoy it a bit more. I love not having to have perfect technique and the fact that I’m able to just dance for an hour, but still work on getting back to my technique.

The other thing that starts soon is that I can finally get back to teaching pilates. I am so excited to get back in the gym and to the girls (and few guys) that come to my class every week. I may not be able to do the class the way I used to right away. I probably won’t be able to do pilates work for an hour straight, but I am allowed to go back and teach. I miss that so much! I miss hearing about how sore people were the day or two after the last class, or hearing that they are able to finally get through a sequence with a little more ease, or that they’re finally able to do one of the harder moves with ease after weeks of practise. I can’t wait to get back in the gym.

Well off to a meeting I go.

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This past weekend we had the great opportunity to celebrate with our friends C and J as they started their lives together as man and wife. I had worked with C for almost a year to perfect wedding invitations and programs and we were so happy with the end result.

Well C and J’s wedding was about an hour and a half drive from where we are in beautiful wine country. An hour and a half drive that ended up taking about 2 and ¾ hours, most in stop and go traffic. This wouldn’t have been such a bad thing except that I wasn’t feeling well at all.

The books all say that morning sickness gets worse around 6 weeks and then usually subsides around 12 to 14 weeks, so of course right on track, the day we go to the Dr’s for the first time, I’m feeling worse than normal. And that just continued the next day on the road to the wedding.

I have been nauseous before, trust me, Demerol after jaw surgery without the gravol does not make J very happy at all. This was not that bad but it wasn’t peaches. I think it took about 40 minutes to finally get calmed down with lots of wheat thins and deep breaths. The stop and go traffic did not help out at all. I really hope that this doesn’t happen every day and every car ride for the next 6 weeks. I’m not sure I can stop on the way to work every morning or home from work.

Morning sickness sucks, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the world. I know that this little babE growing inside me is healthy and happy, and that’s what really matters. I can suck up the next 6 weeks or 34 weeks if that’s what I have in store.

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