From the daily archives: "Tuesday, August 10, 2010"
Finally after a long time, at least it feels like a long time I’m back doing some of the things I love. Last night I took my second ballet class of the summer, and I can’t explain how much I have missed it. I spend most of the fall last year in ballet class and teaching pilates. I gave up ballet just because of scheduling and then after my accident I had to give up teaching pilates.

Last night was amazing. True I couldn’t do the jumps that I love, or a lot of turns. Better safe than sorry and I would prefer not to have to take pain killers after what’s supposed to be an hour of fun. It was great to get back to the barre and do the basics. My technique may not be as good as it was when I was dancing 40 hours a week, but I hazard to say that I enjoy it a bit more. I love not having to have perfect technique and the fact that I’m able to just dance for an hour, but still work on getting back to my technique.

The other thing that starts soon is that I can finally get back to teaching pilates. I am so excited to get back in the gym and to the girls (and few guys) that come to my class every week. I may not be able to do the class the way I used to right away. I probably won’t be able to do pilates work for an hour straight, but I am allowed to go back and teach. I miss that so much! I miss hearing about how sore people were the day or two after the last class, or hearing that they are able to finally get through a sequence with a little more ease, or that they’re finally able to do one of the harder moves with ease after weeks of practise. I can’t wait to get back in the gym.

Well off to a meeting I go.

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