From the daily archives: "Wednesday, August 11, 2010"
Wednesday is one of my favourite days of the week. And for one specific reason, Wednesday is date night with B. Lately B’s been gone away a lot on business, leaving me home alone on date night. But this week he’s home, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now it is a boring date night; we just finished putting dinner in the oven, and then we’re going to eat, work on menu for next week for the time that he’s home, and then we’re off to run errands. But it is Wednesday and we are having a date.

When B’s away it possibly one of the hardest things for me; it’s hard to plan meals for one, or thinking of what to do for an evening. But the worst thing is when he’s gone for weeks at a time, and I get into my own routine and then when he comes home, we’re completely out of sync. I hate the feeling I have when I wish I could just go and do my thing rather than spending time with him. Thank goodness this time B’s home off and on in between weeks away, and we have a mini break and we’re able to reconnect between.

Even tonight is not an exciting date night, it’s still a date night, and time for us to just be us. To just hang out, whether its in the kitchen, or just chatting in the car on our way to errands, or just snuggling on the couch watching mindless tv shows. I happy for tonight, and I’m happy that with B gone for the next 3 date nights, I get tonight. I get tonight my best friend.

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