There are times in our lives that we are so blessed and most of the time it’s not with physical things, it’s with love or grace or provision.

Well this weekend was a time when we were so blessed with love that accompanied physical things.

B has always had a great relationship with his former boss. P is a great guy who has been a great example to B not just in business but in life. He’s a great father and husband and I look up to him so much, as does B. Well when our news broke B emailed P to let him know, but also just inquire if they had any baby things they were wanting to sell since their kids are a bit older now. Well P’s response to this was ‘for the cost of you bringing your truck and moving it you can have it.’ Amazing offer!! But we didn’t fully understand what it meant until we popped over on Sunday night. We thought maybe a few items, but after the hugs and congrats and catching up with their little cuties, we headed out to their garage, and things just kept coming out of there and into our truck. A high chair, a carseat with 2 bases, a swing and bouncy chair, an infant bed, nursing pillows, play mats, exersaucer, and a huge garbage bag full of cloth diapers. For B and I this is one of the biggest blessings we have ever received. And I know that P and L appreciate that they were able to bless us but also have a bit more space to bless their kids with new toys and things.

Well B and I got home and unpacked the car. Well B unpacked the car while I had a mini rest. And after surveying everything that we had received we realized that we need to have to really really have to get the babE’s room done asap so we have a place to put all of the things that we have acquired. But that’s another day’s story.

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