I feel fat, I know I know, you’re saying, ‘J you’re not fat, your pregnant’ but really I just feel fat.  This week I have not be able to do up a single pair of work pants. Not a one. I have been living in my new favourite pair of maternity jeans when I’m not at work. Too bad I can’t wear them to work. Right now I’m not big enough to be able to fit into any of the work pants I have, but I’m too big to wear any of the work clothes that I love. I have a feeling I’ll end up just buying work pants a few sizes too big and just trying to get through the next month or two. Hopefully they last more than a month, I’m not sure it’s in the budget to spend too much on anything that only lasts for a few months. I guess that’s the game we play with maternity clothes.

Other than fat, I’m feeling completely exhausted all the time. Its 12 noon and I want to have a nap, but of course I don’t have time to nap. I go to bed at 9pm and I’m up at 7 – at least an hour more sleep then I usually get and I’m waking up feeling like I could nap for an hour or two more. Too bad coffee is a big no no during this time in life, I could use a cup right now.

Now I’m done complaining, that’s not what the focus on this time in life should be about. So now I’m going to start focusing on the great things. Like in 32 weeks I get to meet my little babE. B and I get to be parents and start this next chapter in our lives and I can’t wait for that time.

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