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image from stafford.grafton.schoolfusion.usI think Gray has sneakily learned how to tell time. I think he can look at the clock in his room or in the kitchen and says “it’s 9:00 and that means that I get to eat”. It doesn’t matter that he just ate at 8:00 or 7:30 and isn’t due to eat until 10 or 11, he eats at 9:00 and then goes to sleep. It’s been a godsend for sleep training during the day, but it makes the early mornings a bit less predictable. If he wakes up at 6:20 and eats and shouldn’t eat until about 10:30 and I haven’t had time to build up enough supply for him to get a nice big meal before his nap it’s a bit harder to make it until his next nap at 2:00. I’m trying to be flexible with a schedule for him and listen to what he’s saying. It’s been a bit of a challenge since most books and training plans work on babies that eat every 4 hours. G eats every 3 or so – sometimes he’ll go 4 in the mornings but the afternoons seem to be 3 hours.
It seems to be the same way in the afternoons for the last few days too. He wakes up at exactly 3:00. He SHOULD sleep for more than an hour, but does he. No, of course not. At exactly 3:00pm he will wake up and be up for 20 minutes and then want to sleep again. We’re working on staying in bed and sleeping through it but I have a feeling it will take a bit longer to get him there.
We’ll get into a better grove I hope. Only time will tell.

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DSC06564Before G came along, and before I was working most every Saturday, Brian and I would venture out to the St Jacob’s Market. We loved getting some fresh seasonal local veggies, and sometimes some flowers or plants. And usually we would stop for some apple fritters.

Well we have started that tradition again, but with G in tow this time. It’s so great to just walk around with G. We go super early – usually after he eats at 7am. Just so easy to get up and going, especially since it can get really busy the later you wait (we made the mistake of going at 10am once – BAD idea). DSC06564And we walk around and look at all the produce and some of the vendors. DSC06564I love how creative some of them are with how they arrange their booths with the produce so beautifully  displayed. Makes me want to buy it even more. We always comment about the pan flute vendor who has been there since we were kids and never seems to age.  We debate which booth we should get tomatoes or lettuce from.

Our new favourite  is the 100 mile vendor, it’s nice to support local growers and know that our food hasn’t been flown in. We laugh at the fresh strawberries weeks before Ontario strawberry season has started, and the pineapples we find in some vendors! PINEAPPLE? Really we live in Ontario, where did you get a local pineapple – oh wait – they’re from California.

I’m always tempted by the fresh cut flowers, or the plants; and then I remember that I don’t have much more space for plants at our house and just take a picture to remember them.
DSC06564 DSC06564
It’s been great to add Gray into the mix. It’s nice to be adding to our Saturday morning ritual and starting to make memories with Grayson included too.


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