image from stafford.grafton.schoolfusion.usI think Gray has sneakily learned how to tell time. I think he can look at the clock in his room or in the kitchen and says “it’s 9:00 and that means that I get to eat”. It doesn’t matter that he just ate at 8:00 or 7:30 and isn’t due to eat until 10 or 11, he eats at 9:00 and then goes to sleep. It’s been a godsend for sleep training during the day, but it makes the early mornings a bit less predictable. If he wakes up at 6:20 and eats and shouldn’t eat until about 10:30 and I haven’t had time to build up enough supply for him to get a nice big meal before his nap it’s a bit harder to make it until his next nap at 2:00. I’m trying to be flexible with a schedule for him and listen to what he’s saying. It’s been a bit of a challenge since most books and training plans work on babies that eat every 4 hours. G eats every 3 or so – sometimes he’ll go 4 in the mornings but the afternoons seem to be 3 hours.
It seems to be the same way in the afternoons for the last few days too. He wakes up at exactly 3:00. He SHOULD sleep for more than an hour, but does he. No, of course not. At exactly 3:00pm he will wake up and be up for 20 minutes and then want to sleep again. We’re working on staying in bed and sleeping through it but I have a feeling it will take a bit longer to get him there.
We’ll get into a better grove I hope. Only time will tell.

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