36862_691385293050_187909481_41547851_7691222_nOne Year ago today Grayson came into being. When I think about the day it was pretty normal – although it was more a Saturday happening on a Monday.

Brian was working in Minneapolis, and because he was in the US he didn’t get Canada day off, but got the 4th off instead, and because it was a Sunday, he got the Monday off as well. I had been shopping a bit and found a few dress options for two weddings that we were going to be attending. So we went to the mall to look at the dresses and narrow it down to the one we ended up buying. We had lunch on the back deck and spent some time watching TV in the basement. Pretty much a normal Saturday on a Monday.

36862_691385293050_187909481_41547851_7691222_nBut when I think of how things have changed it seems just so big. So many things have happened in the last year. Not just having a baby, but having a preemie, and spending 33 days in the hospital. Coming home and wondering where the last month has gone and how much I feel like I missed the first 5 weeks of Gray’s life.

36862_691385293050_187909481_41547851_7691222_nBut when I focus on the positive instead of the negative my heart warms. Brian’s reaction when I first told him we were pregnant was of pure joy. I wish I could have told him in person but I don’t think I could have held it inside until he came home. He has grown so much. We have grown so much together. We have been through so much together and although I wish we hadn’t been in all the situations we have been in, I wouldn’t trade the experience and the unity that came from it. Brian and I didn’t have the easy pregnancy that we had planned when we decided to start our family, but we did have each other and we made it through all of it together.
36862_691385293050_187909481_41547851_7691222_n It’s amazing how much one year can change us, and how one small act can rock your world so much. I would never trade the last year for anything. It may not have been perfect or according to plan, but in 365 days our world has grown and changed and become even more amazing.

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