From the daily archives: "Saturday, October 29, 2011"

Earlier this fall we started Gray in swimming lessons. Now I feel like we cheat a bit because we go twice a week to two different pools. We weren’t sure which one we would like more so we decided to try both.
I love our family time in the pool. Gray loves being in the water and he’s becoming a real natural. And I love that both Brian and I can be in the pool with him.
I look forawrd to Saturday mornings all week long. I love how much fun Brian and Grayson have during swimming lessons and the big smiles that appear on both their faces.
I’m so happy we were able to do this for us, and Gray(I guess he gets something out of it right?)

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Today I’m so thankful and grateful for some real conversation time. 
Brian and I have been guilty of just letting life happen to us lately. With me going back to work and his busy season starting at work we’ve made less time to connect and just talk. So after G was in bed we ended up on our bed just chatting for almost an hour. We realized that we need to go back to making an effort to have date nights, even if it’s at home after G has gone to bed. 
Back when we were first going out and I was still in university we made a point to have a weekly date night during the week where we would just catch up on each other’s lives. We continued after we were married and even up until bedrest. But in the last 9 months since G was born it’s been put on the back burner. Between PPD, and a preemie and getting used to life, we’ve taken less time for us and have been trying to just survive everyday as it comes. 
But tonight I felt great about just having an hour of us time. I felt like I got my best friend back for a bit tonight. Now to make it a weekly habit again and get back to our marriage based family(as coined by my blogging friend Rachael)

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