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Jennifer is here today to share one thing she’s most thankful for. Jennifer has been my friend since before I was born. We were destined to be friends. I miss her daily since she’s moved. 


Hello babEblessing friends!

My name is Jennifer and I write about my new life down in the south at Finding My Way in Texas.
Finding My Way in Texas
Besides adjusting to the Heat (110+ was the average for a good chunk of the summer), I’ve had to adjust to being thousands of miles away from Family and Friends.
That’s where Jac comes in. As one of my oldest and dearest friends, she’s been AH-Mazing about keeping me in the “loop”. Our weekly (sometimes more) virtual “coffee dates” have helped to keep me sane! She is definitely one of my favorite people on the planet and I miss her and little G desperately. (Oh I kinda miss B too… kinda :p )
If there is one thing I’ve discovered living so far from home, its who my true friends are. In some ways that’s kind of a sad statement, and for anyone back home that knows me and is reading this, please don’t be offended. Its just that some people have made an effort to stay connected, and Jac is one of the best of them. I am honored to have her as a life time friend who has been there for me through thick and thin!
I could not say it better than that! Its an amazing feeling to know that no matter how far apart we are, Jac is still only a phone call or text away!
Thanks for having me Jac! And I know we’ll be some of the coolest, old gals on the block someday!


Jennifer has an amazing Etsy shop, and as part of the last few days leading up to Grayson’s birthday she’s starting off our celebrations.

Jennifer is offering a $20 gift card for her Etsy Shop: Salter Creations

So here are the details.

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I will randomly pick a winner on Gray’s Birthday, Monday January 30th. 

Thanks for celebrating with me.

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