From the daily archives: "Thursday, January 26, 2012"

Today I am thankful for just a spoonful of the wonderful thing we call white sugar.
On Monday Brian and I started a wheat free diet, and on top of that I’m trying to cut out processed sugar. I’m taking the second part slow, but this week it started with not putting any white stuff in my coffee. Instead I’ve been putting honey in my coffee and slowly decreasing the amount. I’m to about half of what I was having on Monday. I know you’re thinking how did she do that so fast – I drink a LOT of coffee through the day.
Well today I needed a cup of tea, a really good cup of tea. One that included white sugar. Honey was not going to cut it today. So I made a real cup of tea white sugar and all.
Goodness it was good!
I know that making the little changes will make a big difference in the future.

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