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Last Friday morning we headed off to Mississauga to see an old friend, well I call her an old friend since I think I’ve seen too much of her for someone who’s only had one baby. We went off to see our OB – no I’m NOT pregnant!! – we wanted to sit down and have a conversation with her about if we should have another baby and if we were to what our pregnancy would look like from her perspective with everything that we went through with Gray.  
We went in with the assumption that we would have some sort of bedrest – but not sure when it would start – and that we would be watched very closely.
Well were we TOTALLY shocked!!!
26 weeks along with Gray
After reviewing everything that came in after the fact (all the reports about preterm labour and the specialist reports that didn’t arrive in her office until after G was born) our Doc believes that although I was watched really closely for cervical length, the measurements that sent us down that path were wrong and we were chasing a bit of a red herring. There’s no doubt that my cervix was a bit shorter than they prefer, but it wasn’t until I went into labour the first time that it stayed in a range that they were very uncomfortable with – and well so was I. With the numbers I had the day before I went into labour and then during my first round of labour, our doctor doesn’t believe that the length of my cervix was the reason I went into labour. My cervix would have thinned out and stayed thing for longer than 36 hours to cause me to go into labour.
So the end result of our meeting – No planned bedrest! I would be monitored very carefully and very often, but I wouldn’t be on bedrest at 8 weeks. She also advised against having my cervix stitched. She thinks it a bit too much of a risk with my history of preterm labour. Having to remove the stitch if I went into preterm labour has its dangers and they don’t outweigh the benefits of getting the stitch. The fact that we made it to 32 weeks with Gray means we can anticipate that even if we had a preemie, it would most likely not be earlier than Gray. Because we’ll be watched closely again, hopefully we’ll make it full term.
Needless to say we were shocked but in a great way. It is so nice to know that we might have a completely normal pregnancy after everything we went through with Gray. I could be at work when I’m 40 weeks, and end up being induced. The Doc’s opinion is that even if we have the same pregnancy we had with Gray, it shouldn’t be a deterrent from having another child.
So I guess now we start praying.  We would love to add to our family, we just have to wait for God’s perfect timing in it all. You know big a believer I am in God timing, not ours.
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This picture popped up on my desktop today during lunch and I realized how much I love it.
This picture was taken along with our pregnancy announcements. I was about 5 weeks pregnant at this point.
I love that Brian’s freckles had made a reappearance after some time in the sun. I can’t say I remember the conversation we were having or why B has that grin on his face but I do know that in that moment I was totally in love. And that’s what I need to remember some days.
Those days were super simple. We were so excited about the babE that would be joining our family soon. Bedrest hadn’t happened, NICU wasn’t even a thought in our minds.
Those days seem so simple, and I know we’ll get back to days like that. But today I needed the reminder.
What’s your favourite picture? Can you narrow it down to just one?

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