So Excited to be linking up with The Girl Behind the Blog link up again!!!

If you haven’t linked up yet (well why?) go check them out!

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6 Responses to Girl Behind the Blog – What I’m Learning

  1. 5ohWifey says:

    Yay!! So glad you linked up again girl. I feel like we are ALL learning patience lately!!

  2. what a sweet vlog—patience is something God is CONSTANTLY teaching me too. wow, kids really shine a light on our sinfulness, am i right? thanks so much for linking up and I'm glad to get to learn more about you!Andi

  3. Julie Marie says:

    you are so cute. and so sweet… i dont know if i came across your vlog the first time or not, but i am glad i did tonight…patience is such an important lesson to learn especially with a family and children, and mostly i am thankful while God is teaching us patience, he is in turn being patient with us =) xo julie

  4. Erin says:

    You are so sweet! I'd never visited your blog before, glad I found it through the vlog link up 🙂 I understand what you mean about needing to continually learn patience – it's so hard, but you are right – God's timing is perfect and He shows us His purposes in His time. God bless! xoxo erin

  5. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart! Patience is definitely something I want to pursue.

  6. Hi Jac! Patience is a great thing to learn..and children definitely force it as a lesson! 😉 Good to meet you via the link-up! 🙂 XO

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