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Brian and I have a snuggle-upagus on our hands tonight. We have a little man who’s getting some new teeth, at least that’s what I think. So in between screams and cries, he’s super snuggly. I have to say I have missed this Grayson a bit.
Anyways while I’m snuggling my little boy head on over to Jennifer’s blog and check out my post there.
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I don’t really understand Wordless Wednesday – How am I supposed to not say anything??

Well I will try.

Although Gray is pretty outspoken in this video.

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I was so totally shocked when I checked into my blogger account on Sunday night and saw that 1020 of you had stopped by to read our story just today! Goodness!! over 1000 views in ONE DAY!! I was so so excited and happy!
So thank you!!
I would love to share your story – even just a part of it. So if you would like to guest post or sponsor us let me know.
And to celebrate such a great day I thought I would do something fun.
I would love to swap ads with you. If you post my ad I’ll post yours. Email to let me know.
And as an even bigger bonus, I am going to offer Large Ad spots for $5 from now until April 1st. And I’ll even post your ad as soon as you email it to me! If you’re interested please send me an email.
I would love to have you on my blog and help share your story too.
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We’re off for a bike ride in the gorgeous 12degree weather we have outside right now. 
While we’re out go check out our Sunday links. Let me know what you think. 
Dream Big is available for purchase now!! Run and get it.
I’m so excited to get my copy and start reading!! I love Heather’s heart and I know it will shine through in this book.
Beth over at Through the Eyes of the MRS has a giveaway going on with the Shine Project. You should definitely check it out and make sure you visit the Shine Project. Ashley is doing great things!!
I have been searching for an iPhone case that I love. There are not that many that Ive seen that I love. Not that I’ve been looking that much – I don’t have that much time. But I saw this shop on Danielle’s blog and hopped on over. ADORE everything but I absolutely LOVE this one. Now I just have to make sure Brian sees this post and orders it for me for Mother’s day or my birthday. Can someone email him to make sure? Lol.
Don’t you love this idea! A super cute camera strap cover. My bestie Jennifer has an amazing shop – and a sale to boot!! Use GOODBYE60 for 60% off everything in the store.

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There are times when Saturday just seems so crazy that I can’t wait for it be done. This week is not one of those weeks.
We finally have a lazy Saturday. Brian let me sleep in – which was glorious! And then Gray went down for his nap, and B slipped out to look at some new golf clubs – well new to him. And I made a pot of coffee.
Then G woke up after 25 minutes of napping – so not normal. But oh well, we got some good play time just the two of us.
Now it’s just before 1, G’s back in bed. Brian’s off to the driving range with his dad, and I’m sitting here blogging and working on some other projects we have on the back burner.
I so need this this weekend so I can just get some things done, and relax a bit.
What are you up to this weekend? Did you take some time to relax.

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Last Friday morning we headed off to Mississauga to see an old friend, well I call her an old friend since I think I’ve seen too much of her for someone who’s only had one baby. We went off to see our OB – no I’m NOT pregnant!! – we wanted to sit down and have a conversation with her about if we should have another baby and if we were to what our pregnancy would look like from her perspective with everything that we went through with Gray.  
We went in with the assumption that we would have some sort of bedrest – but not sure when it would start – and that we would be watched very closely.
Well were we TOTALLY shocked!!!
26 weeks along with Gray
After reviewing everything that came in after the fact (all the reports about preterm labour and the specialist reports that didn’t arrive in her office until after G was born) our Doc believes that although I was watched really closely for cervical length, the measurements that sent us down that path were wrong and we were chasing a bit of a red herring. There’s no doubt that my cervix was a bit shorter than they prefer, but it wasn’t until I went into labour the first time that it stayed in a range that they were very uncomfortable with – and well so was I. With the numbers I had the day before I went into labour and then during my first round of labour, our doctor doesn’t believe that the length of my cervix was the reason I went into labour. My cervix would have thinned out and stayed thing for longer than 36 hours to cause me to go into labour.
So the end result of our meeting – No planned bedrest! I would be monitored very carefully and very often, but I wouldn’t be on bedrest at 8 weeks. She also advised against having my cervix stitched. She thinks it a bit too much of a risk with my history of preterm labour. Having to remove the stitch if I went into preterm labour has its dangers and they don’t outweigh the benefits of getting the stitch. The fact that we made it to 32 weeks with Gray means we can anticipate that even if we had a preemie, it would most likely not be earlier than Gray. Because we’ll be watched closely again, hopefully we’ll make it full term.
Needless to say we were shocked but in a great way. It is so nice to know that we might have a completely normal pregnancy after everything we went through with Gray. I could be at work when I’m 40 weeks, and end up being induced. The Doc’s opinion is that even if we have the same pregnancy we had with Gray, it shouldn’t be a deterrent from having another child.
So I guess now we start praying.  We would love to add to our family, we just have to wait for God’s perfect timing in it all. You know big a believer I am in God timing, not ours.
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This picture popped up on my desktop today during lunch and I realized how much I love it.
This picture was taken along with our pregnancy announcements. I was about 5 weeks pregnant at this point.
I love that Brian’s freckles had made a reappearance after some time in the sun. I can’t say I remember the conversation we were having or why B has that grin on his face but I do know that in that moment I was totally in love. And that’s what I need to remember some days.
Those days were super simple. We were so excited about the babE that would be joining our family soon. Bedrest hadn’t happened, NICU wasn’t even a thought in our minds.
Those days seem so simple, and I know we’ll get back to days like that. But today I needed the reminder.
What’s your favourite picture? Can you narrow it down to just one?

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I’m so excited to be starting Twin month with Becky!! She is the first of the twin mommas I know celebrating her First Momma-versary this year.
This post is going up a day late – Grey and Micah turned one yesterday, but both have been a bit under the weather. Say a prayer for them okay?
So here’s Becky talking about her sweet boys and her first year as a mom.
Hi! I love guest posts, I love questionnaires, but I really REALLY like to talk about myself and my babies – thus the blog. My name is Becky and I have two adorable little one year old boys named Micah and Grey. Our family looks like this: 
What 3 things would you tell a first time mom about the first year of their baby’s life.
1. Everybody has advice. Everybody has horror stories. Everybody wants to tell you what kind of mother to be, and what kind of child you have. Ignore them. Experience this yourself. Let your baby show you who she is, and discover what type of mother she needs. Then just be that. 
2. Write. Write. Write. Photograph. Photograph. Photograph. So many little things happen every day, and so many changes occur that you’ll have a different baby every week. Document things so that you don’t forget. Try to take at least one decent picture every week, and once a month write down all your baby’s new tricks, likes, and dislikes. 
3. Forget the bad and relish in the good. When you look back at the first year of your baby’s life, you don’t want to dwell on the baby puke pooling in the cups of your bra or the way that you freaked out at your husband after 14 straight sleepless hours. Those things don’t matter. Remember them only as funny anecdotes. The memories to hold on to and cherish are of your baby sleeping on your chest. The first time he smiled, I mean REALLY smiled at you. His first words. That funny sound he made when he was gassy. 
What has been the best moment of your first year as a mom?
Moment? There can’t be one best moment, can there? My favorite moments though, are quiet ones. Usually they’re when my little boys are snuggly and close. It might be early in the morning, when my husband Travis brings them in to bed with us to play, and they’re just so excited so see us and be awake that they want to tickle and play and kiss. It might be on a drowsy summer afternoon, with a baby on my chest and a baby on Travis’ and all they want to do is play with my hair and coo little baby songs. It might be sitting outside their bedroom door, and listening to them in their beds, talking to each other and laughing at each other before they fall asleep.
But it’s hard to say. There are lots of best moments. 
What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
I can’t wait until my boys can talk. Right now they sign a little, and they say a few words. They sing CONSTANTLY, and it’s so funny. But I wish I could tell what they were thinking.
The other day, Micah woke up from his nap and when I picked him up he yelled “Jack!” several times. Jack is my brother, who we hadn’t seen for a few weeks. I think he was having a dream about his uncle Jack, and I just can’t wait until they’re is big enough to tell me things like that. 
Hmm, what are those little boys thinking?` 
Tell us about your little one.
I actually have two little ones! Grey and Micah are identical twin boys. They are so spunky and fun. Micah is a little skinnier, because he’s always running around. He doesn’t have time to sit still and eat! He’s so wiggly, and silly! He’s taken to making silly faces, and shaking his head while he walks around until he falls over, and then lies on the ground and laughs! He loves his brother, and is always trying to stroke, hug and kiss Grey. He is a daddy’s boy and a grandma’s boy, but not a mama’s boy. (Sad face.) 
Grey is a little solemner, and is (thank goodness!) a serious mama’s boy. He loves to go to the park, and will stand and knock at the front door until we go outside to play. He’s so sweet tempered and hates to see other people sad. Even in the midst of crying, he’ll smile and laugh to try to make someone else feel better. He loves to touch faces and snuggle. He’ll sit quietly singing on my lap and is always talking. He even talks in his sleep! 
How are you celebrating Grey and Micah’s birthday?
Their birthday was actually this weekend and sadly the boys were so sick! I tried to take birthday pictures and they were so pathetic! I made them an elaborate and beautiful cake, and they refused to eat it. Grey accidentally got some frosting on his hand (when he was trying to grab the lit candle) and started panicking and crying. He was trying to wipe it off, and stick it in MY mouth, but he refused to try it. Hopefully everyone will be better next weekend and we’ll have a party. I’m even going to let them each have a cake to smash, if they want it. 
What was the biggest hurdle you overcame in the last year?
I guess my biggest hurdle was two-part, first I had to stop judging myself when I “failed” at something that I thought was important, and second was to stop judging other moms when they parented different than me. When I started giving my babies formula in addition to breastmilk… I seriously had hourly meltdowns. I thought I was failing at breastfeeding because I didn’t have enough faith. I thought that if I stopped breastfeeding, I was a bad mom. I thought that if my babies could take a bottle, then just anyone off the street could feed them and mother them as well as I could. 
And I was wrong.  
I just couldn’t physically make 2.5 liters of milk a day (not an exaggeration). That didn’t make me a bad mom. It made me a human instead of a cow.
And likewise, sometimes I see a mom give her kids candy or get away with bullying and I want to to march in and give her a piece of my mind. And then I remember the types of women who lectured me when I gave my boys bottles, and I reign my crazy in. We’re all different types of mothers. We don’t need to be the same, because our kids and our lives aren’t the same. 
What kind of mom are you?
A good mom.
Is that enough of an answer?
I try really, really hard to be a good mom. 
\Thanks for letting me participate, this was such a fun little thing to fill out, and I was searching through pictures for it and found lots of gems that I hadn’t seen in months! I need to start printing more photos!
Go show Becky and the boys some love over on her blog! And be sure to check out her photoshop actions – HoneyBee Actions – I absolutely ADORE them and they make photo editing a breeze. She uses them all over her blog, and I’m sure on every one of the pictures (but don’t quote me on that)

Also – if you’re celebrating your First Momma-versary in 2012 and want to participate send me an email. I would love to have you.

Blessings All!!


Wednesday was the last day of RRSP season. As of 5pm on Wednesday I get to have my brain back a bit.
Wednesday we had an office lunch that was splendid!! We ordered Swiss Chalet and ate in the boardroom as an office, and then my co-worker Amy brought in some treats. And she loves me so much she spoiled me with a Vegan Wheat Free cupcake that was almost too pretty to eat. I did however eat the entire thing in about 20 minutes; which is pretty fast since I haven’t had much sugar and my sweet tooth is almost non-existent. 
It’s March now and it’s a bit crazy!! The last two months have flown by!!! I’m really excited to be able to have the mental capacity to blog more and I have so much I have to update you on. Hopefully you’ll be all caught up on life in the E house before the end of the week.

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