From the daily archives: "Tuesday, May 29, 2012"

Today we’re leaving on a getaway. We’re celebrating Brian’s birthday, and going away on my birthday. On top of getting away from home for a bit, I’m also going to be taking a blogging break. A lot of little changes have been happening in our life right now and the little things are piling up and so I’m going to take a few weeks, maybe months, and deal with those things, work on forgiveness, and getting my heart back.
I’m still going to journal, and maybe one day they’ll be come posts here.
I’ve packed my #shereadstruth soul detox reading plan for while we’re away. My parallel version bible, and during Gray’s naps I plan on just getting back to me and God for a bit. I also packed my copy of Dream Big by Heather to reread.
I’ll be tweeting and posting pictures on instagram once we’re back from vacation. I’m not disappearing completely, just shifting my focus.
The etsy shop is still open. And there will be new products introduced every so often, and I may update you here if I think you might like it.

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