Packaging up some orders. Prints and Journals off to clients

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. Well it started as one. I spent about 3 hours on the couch battling the dreaded morning sickness, and then after I was finally up to doing something we headed out to get some errands done. I had some journals to put in the mail, and some prints, and I realized while we were at the mall that I should refill my anti-nausea medication too. So off to Zhers we went. Usually it takes about 40 minutes to fill a prescription but the pharmacist said it would be about 5 minutes. Sweet!! We could grab a few things that we can’t get at our normal grocery store and then get my prescription and I wouldn’t have to run back later. Great! So off we went.

So we’re walking down the cereal aisle and Brian’s phone starts ringing.

“Babe, your phone is ringing.”

“no it’s not”

Umm yea it is!

So he finally picks it up and it’s my parent’s number so he hands it to me.


Hi wee, how are you? – I don’t think there’s a conversation that goes by that my Dad doesn’t call me Wee

Doing okay, what’s up?

Well, I just got a call?

A call or THE call?

Well THE call, and so we’re heading to Toronto.

That’s right – standing in front of the Captain Crunch (that was for sale for $2.99) my father informs me that he got THE call and there are possibly some lungs for him in Toronto.

So off to the prescription counter we go (let’s face it, if I was going to be gone for 5 to 10 days in a hotel, I was going to need my meds) and then we head home to pack. I scramble and throw a weeks worth of clothes in, and clothes for Gray and Brian too. And grab my laptop and phone charger and journal and we hop in the car and start driving.

The CN Tower in the distance



Listening to the music I needed to hear.



amazing lyrics my heart needed









We got to the hospital, found my dad and we made our way up to the 7th floor transplant floor and sat in the waiting room.


My aunts and uncles were on their way to a cottage for the week with some of their kids and my Grandmother and Grandpa Wes. So when they got the call from my dad they all stopped and came to the hospital. My sister and her husband drove my mom and dad to the hospital. So once everyone had arrived we waited.

We were told when my Dad got the call that the earliest he could go into surgery was 8pm, just based on where the lungs were from and getting them back to the hospital. So we waited for 8pm.

So we had dinner, and caught up with family and waited and waited and waited.

It seems the transplant moto is hurry up and wait

And at 8pm they told us it would be about 10:30pm before we knew anything more.

And just before 10:00pm my mom came back into the waiting room and told us that we could all go home. The lungs had pneumonia and they wouldn’t be able to transplant them. Not something you can anticipate beforehand, not information they would have had, and something we knew was a possibility. My uncle Glenn had at least 2 trial runs before he got his new lungs 10 years ago.


So we had our first trial run.


At some point during the evening I was talking with my Gramma, and she asked me.

“Dear are you prepared if your Dad doesn’t make it through?”

Goodness! How do you prepare to live without your dad. How will I ever be prepared if he doesn’t wake up?

I mean I know where he’ll spend eternity and that gives me a bit of peace. But being here on earth without my dad is something I just can’t even imagine these days. Thank goodness for peace.

So we made it through. We know that he’s near the top of the list; he’s at the top for his blood group and body type and other criteria. And one day maybe soon we’ll get another call, and it may be another trial run, another false start, but I’ll worry about that when it gets here.

I do want to take a minute to thank the family who donated those organs last night. I know that my dad may not have been saved, but I do know that others were. And one day I’ll be writing a long thank you note to the person who gives my dad a new life. Today I’ll just thank all of you who have talked to your family about donating; all of you who have signed a donor card. And all of you who have honoured the wishes of your loved ones and given the gift of life.


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One Response to Are you prepared?

  1. BJ says:

    Well written and heartfelt.

    It may have been disappointing but we will at least could come home to our own bed and look forward to the next opportunity, neither the donor nor his/her family can do that . I hope that the other organs were suitable for transplant and that the donor's family can find comfort in knowing that their decision did give others a second chance.

    AS Jac asked – Please remember them in your prayers.

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