I started reading One Thousand Gifts back in July when we were up at our piece of heaven (aka Ernst Island). But then I was reading during the night when insomnia was keeping me up, and my heart was still healing and I just needed to be busy.

I started rereading it this past week and Goodness! Did my heart need this. To read it, really read it and soak up all the little things that Ann is telling us.


Can there be a good God? (p12)

I’m not sure I can tell you how many times I’ve asked this question. How can God be good when cancer happens, when horrible deaths happen.

How is God a good God when my father is waiting for someone else to die so he can live?

But this sermon at church a few weeks back reminded me why and how God can be good.

God promises believers in Jesus that he will do good in and through our lives no matter what happens.

God will make all things work for good. It doesn’t mean that life will be good, and that only good things will happen to us. It doesn’t mean that it’s everything is going to be easy, but God will work every circumstances we come up against and work it for Good.

At the end of the school year this past May our community was hit hard with wondering why. A little girl was getting off the school bus and was struck by garbage truck. She has spent months in the ICU of a big city hospital and still has a long road ahead of her, and as a community we wonder why. Why would this happen if God is good?

In August this 13 year old girl’s mom told our local paper this – “It’s a faith journey for us, just the trust and the hope and the belief that we are held by God and there’s nothing that happens that’s outside of his sovereign care for us,”

After weeks and months of wondering if her little girl would be okay; would wake up and be her daughter again, or a totally different person. But standing on the knowledge that we a held by God in all situations, and that he will turn it all to good if we believe in him.


I don’t understand everything that happens. And I’m okay with not always understanding; well I’m starting to be. Because I know that God will work all things for God if we believe in him. God will use the situations I encounter to shape me and make me more like Jesus. And so when I wonder why, I stop, I take that thought and replace it with a prayer to help heal my unbelief and help me become more like his son.


I’m linking up with  Annie and Margaret as we all read through One Thousand Gifts.

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7 Responses to Can there be a good God?

  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! Wow, that story of that little girl… I long to have a faith like that where I can say I am held by God even when I can't go on. Amazing. God is amazing.

    So glad to have you with us, can't wait to read next week!

    • babeblessings says:

      from experiance I know that you have to be in a situation to know that you are held. I have no idea how we survived the NICU the way we did expecpt for know that God gave us peace and looking back knowing that God held us during that time.

      Thank you for your kind words! and I'm so excited to hear what everyone has to say each week and what we can all learn from this.

  2. Jessi says:

    I love your thoughts on this chapter. I'm excited to be reading along with you!

    It's incredible how much God changes your heart when you walk through heartache. He opens your eyes to see that He IS working things out for His glory and we may never understand how and why. I've learned, really only in those times, that it's better to let it go and let Him handle it. Because truly, He already has. His provisions have already been set forth. We just need to trust Him and walk through it; He'll be right there with you!

  3. annie says:

    THIS: "God will make all things work for good. It doesn’t mean that life will be good, and that only good things will happen to us." so, so true. thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jac. i'm glad you're reading along with us!

  4. I'm just starting to be okay with not understanding the Lord and His ways too.

    Loved reading your thoughts!

    • babeblessings says:

      Sarah Elizabeth,
      It's not an easy thing to bypass our human heads and let our hearts take over. After years and years of trying to understand, I have given up. I finally realized I needed to just trust. Not easy, but I'm learning more and more each day to just live and trust.

      Blessings girl!

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