Jennifer is here today sharing a bit of her story. Jennifer and I grew up together and I miss her so much now that she’s in Texas. Thank goodness for Skype.


Hi! I’m Jennifer 🙂 I’m a former big city girl living in small town texas. So much in my life has changed over the past year and a half. I left everyone and everything I’d ever known to move 2000+ miles to marry my cowboy. It was not an easy adjustment by any means, and at times it was made even harder by the people back home that seemed to “forget” about me. With the exception of 1 person and a couple of family members, I talk to my “old friends” maybe once every 6 months, if I’m lucky. At first it was devastating, and even now if I think about it too long I cry. These were people I thought would be in my life for forever.

I’ve always been told that to have friends you must first be one. So I made an effort! I tried to stay connected with the people back home. I texted, I called, I emailed, set up skype dates and I even sent snail mail! But you know what? In order for there to be a relationship, there has to be TWO people involved. If its one sided its not a friendship. And golly! Does it hurt to realize that the people I thought I could count on have moved on with their lives, and left me behind. All because I followed my dreams and true love.

I’m sitting here, all teary-eyed, thinking about how much it hurts and how much I miss these people, and I can’t help but wonder how much more it hurts God’s heart when I ignore Him. I know there have been times when He’s been desperately trying to get my attention, begging for me to spend time with him. I turn away, so “busy” with life that I forget my one TRUE friend, the one that will “always stick closer than a brother” (Prov. 18:24) Crazy right?

As a kid there was a song, on an old “Gospel Bill” episode, My mom would make me sing it when I felt like I didn’t have friends (every kid goes through that I think)…

“Have you ever wanted a friend
To come outside and play
but everyone you called, had lots to do that day
Have you ever felt so lonely that you thought you would cry?
I know someone special who’s always standing by

Its God and He’s my friend
He’s never too busy for me to talk with him
We walk and talk together
We laugh and sing a song
He’s even there to comfort me when sometimes things go wrong.”

Its amazing the truths we learn as kids that stick with us for 25+ years. Nowadays I play this song a lot, its pretty much just a grown up version of the song I learned when I was 5.

Its true, I am Never alone… unless I choose to be. And even then, HE is waiting, with arms open to comfort and love me. All I need to do is make the time to be His friend.


Thanks so much for a great reminder! I know what it’s like to leave somewhere and leave everyone behind and wonder if you ever really mattered to them. A thanks for a great song to remind me in those moments that I am never alone

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  1. BJ says:

    Jennifer, I am truly sorry for all the times I have thought of you but never sat down to send you an email to let you know .. please forgive me … you are never far from my heart …

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