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I’m so amazed at how just a bit of time can have such a huge impact.

This weekend I had the opportunity to work alongside some great women whose lives had been impacted by Ovarian Cancer.  A survivor took the mic to tell us about her journey. In just a few weeks something that started so small made her look 7 months pregnant and weighed almost 8lbs. Just a few weeks. It takes 40 weeks for a baby to grow to be 8lbs.

Sunday we gave 5 hours of our time in hopes that more women would have years. There ins’t early detection and most women will fuff these things off. So please take time. Take time to go to the doctors if you feel off or odd. Take time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

And take time to love time. We only have a set amount of time. Don’t waste a minute of it.

This song was written for the walk. Take a minute to listen to it.

Let’s Walk by Frazer Mac

Have you ever had a book just stop you in your tracks and make you realize you could be doing so much better at life?
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp has done that for me, and to be honest I’m not even that far into the book.
Tiffany recommended the book to me a while ago, and while we were away at the Island early in the summer I read the whole thing – well I read it at midnight when I couldn’t sleep, but I was just reading not absorbing it. So I started re reading it this weekend. Goodness! That’s pretty much all I can say! Goodness how much did I miss – I am so thankful that I’m re reading this.
I pulled Ann up on Google this morning, after reading about a Zhers Market grocery store – something I thought was only local to us here, and low and behold she lives less than an hour from me. How was it that someone from South Carolina was the one telling me about a book written an hour from me! I watched Ann’s interview on 100 Huntley Street on YouTube, and one phrase really hit me.
The only words that matter are the words you live.
What words am I living?
Unconditional love?
Humility, hope?
What words is my life living? And how am I using those words to influence my world? Am I leaving the world a better place at the end of the day.
Thoughts I’m thinking while I settle down to bed. Been a long day.
Ann – thank you so much for sharing your journey. I can’t wait to get the hardcopy book and start making notes. And gift a copy to my friend, and my mother in law. I’m excited to see how you’ll touch their lives too.  
Grayson is joining the big brother club some April – well we hope little babE2 wait’s until April to arrive.
We’re over the moon and are so excited to be growing our family. And so so blessed to have another Ernst to introduce to the world in 2013.
I love a summer salad. I remember many nights when my dad would be working late and my sister would be out with her now husband and my brother would be at a friends or a church thing, so my mom and I would head out the garden and pick some fresh lettuce and fresh pepper and tomatoes, and throw it into a great salad. Add some hard boiled eggs and some cheese and goodness it tasted amazing!! There were times when I would eat all the lettuce first and leave all the fixings in the bottom and just eat those at the end – did you ever do that? Do you do that? There are times when I still do that. Tonight we had an amazing baby romaine with strawberries and goat’s cheese and pecans. And I was so tempted to eat all the lettuce first and leave the fixings with balsamic dressing and eat them at the end. 
So what does salad have to do with the desires of our hearts??
Well we have this tendency to want to take all the fixings – the great little bits of God’s word and leave the rest. Leave the lettuce and just eat the strawberries. We love the parts where God talks about giving us everything we desire, providing for us, filling our cups until they overflow. But what we seem to skip over is the fact that those promises that God makes to us are contingent on us living our lives according to his word. He makes promises to us in return for our lives dedicated to him.
Psalm 84:11, TLB. “For Jehovah God is our Light and our Protector. He gives us grace and glory. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk along his paths.”
God will give us everything good, but we have to walk along his path. Did you read that? Did you hear that? He will give us EVERYTHING! If we follow his path. 
We can have all the good fixings, but we have to eat the lettuce too. If we are attentive to God and the desires he has for our lives, and live his will in our loves, then He will give us everything we could ever desire. 


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