Sharing a part of my journey yesterday seems to have upset some people, and I’m sorry that they were upset, but I’m also thankful for the people who have commented that they’ve been through the same thing.

When you’re in a public avenue like blogging there are a lot of people who may have differing opinions and views from you, and may see a situation differently, but that doesn’t make your story matter less. I know when sharing some moments of my life others may not appreciate what I have to say or the fact that I put it in a public forum for others to view. For me it’s about sharing something so that someone who’s gone or is currently going through something similar can know that it gets better.

This blog is about the journey that God is taking me on, and there are some things I don’t share, at least not right away. There are some things that might be shared a year after they happen, and there may be things that happen today that I tell you all about. I am not here to talk about how perfect my life is, or give the illusion of perfection (that’s a whole other post), but to be real with where I am as a wife and mother, and daughter of Christ.

So share your story! Not everyone will understand it, some people will read it with a veil over their eyes and attack you for it, but there are others that need to hear it and that will be encouraged by your openness and honesty. If God put it on your heart that you need to let the world know what is going on then please share.

I make this promise to you, all of you. I may not always agree with every word on your blog, but I will always support you and your walk. So share! Be open, be honest and be real.

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4 Responses to Share your Story

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this post. I love how honest and real you are.

  2. I say always write from your heart… we can't please everyone so all we can do is be true to ourselves. I can understand how your post could have upset some people and you know I've been in the same type of situations and have upset a whole lot of people unintentionally. I believe though that your story helps others. We should chat soon because I too have been through similar things with our church and it hurts. I'm always here to listen! xoxo

  3. Amber says:

    YES!! "Be open, be honest and be real" Love it!!

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