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Nadine is here this morning and I am so blessed by this girl! I feel like every word she’s sharing was written just for me. And this week, this month, this year I needed it.




Lately Jesus has been slowing me down.

See, I like going fast.

I like walking fast. I like being efficient and quick. I love to get things done. I love busy days with early starts and late nights, meaningfully long conversations, and much laughter.

He’s been slowing me down.

It was a few months ago when I felt God slowly stirring in my heart to do some changing.

The kind and gracious King that He is, He slowly and patiently explained some new things to my heart.

He started telling me (more or less) one answer to basically any prayer when I would asking Him something:




He started telling me (more or less) one thing when I would get stressed:


slow down


He started ripping at the weeds that had wrapped their way around my heart.


One of the things He told me was hard on me:



Quiet your loudness.

Quiet your anxiety.

Quiet your stress.

Quiet your anger.

Quiet your heart.

Quiet your loneliness.


Quiet yourself, daughter and rest in me.

He’s also reintroducing me to Jesus.


The Jesus who:

…Didn’t consider equality to God as something to be grasped…

…But humbled himself…

…Even to a cross…


Sanctification is not fun nor is it easy. It is, however, what I desire. The reason being because ultimately, I serve the King of Kings.


So if He calls me to something, whether my heart thinks it is easy or hard, I’m going to walk in it.





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