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I haven’t talked much about it here, not sure why, but next week I’m taking a 5 day break from being Jac the mom and wife, to get to be Jac the blogger and I’m heading to Influence! I’m so so excited to meet some of my blogging friends and give them big hugs and see them in real life, instead of just on Google+. Last week I got to have coffee with a new friend who’s heading to Influence too, and I’m so excited to see at least one familiar face there and to have coffee again after we get home and talk all about what we learned. I’m also really excited to just have some me time in the car on the way there. It’s about 8.5 hours to get there according to Google maps but I anticipate more around the 10 hour mark with crossing the border and coffee stops.


So for those who are going to Influence and want to know a bit more about me. Here goes:

  • Š I go by Jac, without the K. I guess if you want you can call me Jacqueline, but umm. Just Jac is fine.
  •  I’m short – not PintSizedMama short, but still I’m only 5’2 and although I’m good with my height, I often feel like a mini person next to Brian. (I’m wearing 6” heels in that picture and yes Brian is what we call Freakishly tall)
  • Š  I am almost always chewing gum or sucking on a candy.
  • Š  I am always fidgeting. ALWAYS! I used to joke in high school that it was how I stayed so skinny. (if only I could claim that now)
  • Š  I am very particular about my pens, so if you ask to borrow a pen, you’ll get a different pen than the one I use. Took me 4 years to find them again and I’m not give them up. Lol (ask JenniferInTexas – we discussed this for almost 20 minutes)
  • Š  I’m so so so SO excited that I am going to be part of the Sashes Market! I am more excited to hear about how my mini prints and journals bless the women at the conference.
  • Š  My wardrobe is a little limited with the whole babE2 bump not being super big, but also being too big for my normal clothes. Maybe I can find some new clothes at the mall!
  • Š  I am missing coffee so much right now, and I may cheat and have a cup of half caf or two while I’m with you all.
  • Š  I will be bringing at least one powercord/powerbar if not 2 or 3 with me. I also have one packed in my hospital bag for if my dad gets the call too. Once you live with an electrician you can never go back. And you make instant friends
  • Š  I am such an introvert and I have to use all those drama class skills to fake that I’m super outgoing and social. I’m trying to get out of my shell a bit, but it’s not easy, but I am so thankful for all the amazing women who’ll be there and will make me feel super welcome.
  • Š  I will be spending most my time sitting. So if I don’t stand up to give you a great big hug forgive me. Instructions from my Doc are to rest as much as possible with a 20 month old underfoot. So I guess since G will be at home with Brian, that means I should be sitting the whole time, or at least when I’m not out getting some coffee!



I am so so so excited to meet all of you face to face. You have all blessed me so much already I can’t imagine how much more I can be blessed, but I know I will be. I’m excited for some time away by myself, but also I’m excited for all the things God is going to do in me over the weekend, but also in everyone else.





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