From the daily archives: "Friday, October 5, 2012"

That is what life it right now. Limited.

We saw our OB on Wednesday and I am so happy with her and have a great repore with her and I am really happy we were able to squeak into her schedule. She started me on the same medication I was on with Gray to help keep this babE in there as long as possible. And we’re on “limited activity”, I can do about as much as I need to in order to take care of Gray every day but that’s about it. I vacuumed the main floor yesterday, it needed it and Brian has been out of town this week. And I might clean a bathroom today since I’m sitting on my butt most of the day because the nanny is here. But we’ll have to see.

Planning life around what I can and can’t do is not easy. The last bit we’ve been doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. If I need to get groceries, or run around and pay bills, we just go. Now we’ll be planning out weeks, what days do we go shopping. Or if we wait and Brian gets to go shopping with Gray and I can have a nap.

But I’m going to look at the positive. I’m not on bedrest yet, and I can still do things, just in a limited capacity. They’re not saying we won’t be on bedrest, possibly in as soon as 4 weeks, but hopefully the limited activity keeps us off bedrest as long as possible. And as hard as bedrest will be, I know there’s a purpose and every day past 32 weeks that we make it will be such a blessing. So we’ll do what needs to be done and pray that we’re able to go full term.

And this is just a season. I’m excited at the thought that maybe I’ll be bringing my babE home with me a few days after he/she’s born, instead of a month in the hospital; that I’ll be able to snuggle babE whenever I want instead of just on good days. And knowing that we have a better picture of what happened with Grayson, and we’re trying as hard as we can to make sure those things don’t have as big an effect. And that we’re being watched so closely.

Well off to work I go. The nanny is here for the morning and I’m hoping to get at least one page of my to do list done. Influence is next week and I have 5 days to get everything ready to go. 6:00am on Wednesday will come quickly and I’ll be on the road heading to Indiana.



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