From the daily archives: "Saturday, October 13, 2012"

December 31st is a day I celebrate every year a bit differently than most – you see December 31st my godfather, my Uncle Ralph got a new liver.

And now October 12th is going to go in my calendar forever. Because on October 12th, 2012 my dad was given the gift of life and he received new lungs.

I can’t share all the details. But I can tell you that I will forever be grateful to the family who through their grief and loss was generous enough to choose to bless us, and bless my dad with a new pair of lungs.

I truly believe in God’s perfect timing. And through this whole thing I have seen God’s perfect timing and his hand over provision and protection. We’ve been through two calls. And then this one.

The surgeon couldn’t say enough how good the lungs were. And the fact that he was in surgery for the minimum time is amazing. I won’t get into the medicine too much, since most people won’t understand it, but they didn’t have to put him on bypass, or use donor blood at all, and he was awake just hours after he was out of the OR. My sister called me yesterday on her way home around 10pm, to say that they had taken him off the ventilator – 8 hours after surgery!

The last 331 days that my dad has been waiting have been an inner battle of trust. Trusting in God’s perfect timing, trusting the lungs would be a great match, trusting that my dad would stay healthy enough to have the surgery. But the fact that everything went so so well is proof to me that God had his hand on the situation the whole time.

The next bit I’ll be spending my time taking care of my mom and dad, and babE2 as well. So if it takes me an extra day to get back to you please be patient.

Also – if you have questions or would like an update please email me. I have disabled my facebook page for comments, as well as my personal page. I will update as often as I can via twitter and facebook, however please only rely on information from us. Information passed from person to person can get distorted.

Thank you so much for all your prayers over the last year, and over the next days and weeks. We appreciate it so much.


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