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First Moments as Mr and Mrs.

36 years is a long time! I’m 28 and I feel like 36 is a long time from now. It’s hard to imagine 36 years being married. Today my parents are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. And to be honest I have no idea how they’re feeling.

Last year my dad was in the process of being listed for a transplant, so my sister and I wanted to really celebrate their 35th anniversary. Honestly we didn’t know if it would be the last anniversary that they had together or not. So we had a big party with everyone who was important to my mom and dad, and celebrated their life together.

Today is a much much different day for them. Dad is doing really really well, but he’s still in the hospital. But I can only imagine how it feels to know that they have many more years to celebrate together.

This is a letter I wrote my parents on their anniversary last year. Every word is true today.



Mom and Dad,

I’m unsure how I am so blessed to have you as parents. When I think back on any life changing moment in my life you have been there to support me however you could. You supported my dreams and brought me back to reality when I needed it, and for that I am truly grateful.

Through my life you have taught me so many things. Mom you taught me how to make Kraft Dinner, and even better, how to make homemade macaroni and cheese. You taught me how to keep a house and have dinner on the table, no matter what time daddy called to say he was going to be late. You taught me how to support someone even when you don’t agree with the person’s choice. You taught me how to sort laundry and the ramifications if you don’t sort it properly. You taught me what it means to be a wife and mother. That being a mom means making others matter.

Dad, you taught me how to fend for myself in the wood shop. I know how to connect receptacles, and what each different coloured wire mean. You taught me how a man should treat a woman; how a husband should treat his wife. You taught me perseverance and what reaching your end goal really means.

And you have both taught me faith. In moments when nothing seems to make sense, you always turned to God, because he was the one who could make sense of it all. You have shown me what faith really is, that faith is more than a feeling or a belief, that faith is who we are.

I’m very grateful for the example you have been of what a God based marriage, and marriage centered family really is. I have learned so much of what being a wife really is. You have taught me that love is not just an emotion, but a choice; that when you made a covenant before God on your wedding day it wasn’t to always be in love and lovey-dovey, but to choose to love each other no matter what your emotions were saying. Over the last 35 years life has happened, there have been hard moments, and great moments, and in every moment I have never doubted that you love each other.

I’m so thankful to have you as parents to guide me, and love me.

I love you so much,



Mom and Dad,

I couldn’t be more excited and joyful over the amazing gift you have received. I know that every day you have together will be counted as a blessing. I am so blessed to have you as parents, and as grandparents for my children.


We love you so much!



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