From the daily archives: "Tuesday, October 30, 2012"

It’s been a bit since I did an update and so I thought I would update you all on what’s going on here.

Frist off – My dad is home now! He came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon, and he’s so excited to be home. He still has to travel back and forth from Toronto for physio and clinic appointments, but he gets to sleep in his own bed. He and my mom popped over to my place on Sunday afternoon for a bit, and it’s the first time my dad has ever walked into my house without his oxygen. In the 4 years that we have been married, and the year before that that Brian owned the house, he’s always had his oxygen with him. It seemed a bit surreal. He told me that he walked up the stairs at home and it was the first time ever that he wasn’t out of breath at the top of the stairs! They have been in that house for 11 years! It’s just amazing to hear things like that. It gives me hope that someday soon he’ll be running around with G.

Saturday Morning in bed – where I spent my day

Okay – if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (and if you don’t why not!) you’ll have notice that things have been a bit crazy babE wise the last bit. Last weekend I was unsure what was going on, and this weekend things weren’t going great. So after I spent a lot of time in bed this weekend, I was able to get in to see the doctor on Monday morning. She checked things out, and isn’t 100% sure what’s going on and why I’m in as much pain as I’m in. Part of it could be round ligament pain, but that doesn’t explain it all. So I came home with not as many answers as I wanted, and need to figure out what to do with Grayson since I’m not physically up to taking care of him right now. So starting next week Grayson will go to daycare 3 days a week, and Gramma’s one day a week, and on Mondays we’ll hang out together and at least I get Gray for one day a week. I’m on day two of him being away and I miss him like crazy. This week he’s off at Gramma’s a few days and daycare a few days. Right now he’s just too active for me to keep up with him, and it’s not fair that he be stuck inside all day just because I have to be. So as hard as it is to see him walk out the door with Brian every morning, it’s what’s best for him. And at least I’ll have my Mondays (for now).

16 Weeks – off to see babE


I did get to see babE today and I’m feeling so blessed that this little bean is growing big and strong. Not sure if we got any answers from the ultrasounds today, I’ll find out at the doctor’s on Thursday morning. babE seems to have a good strong heartbeat of 145 today, 148 yesterday, and I’m excited that in 4 weeks we’ll be able to see if babE is a girl or a boy. I’ll try and keep you updated on what’s going on – hopefully by the beginning of next week we’ll have a game plan for the next 22 or so weeks will look like. Or even just the next 2 weeks.


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