I came across this picture while I was looking for something else. I had no idea I had it, my mom must have uploaded it when she was babysitting one night in the last year or so. (I love finding treasures like this)

 babEblessings, babEGrayson

This was May 2011, so Gray would have been about 4 months old. He’s wearing the overalls we bought him when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. The first thing we ever bought for our babE. It didn’t matter that we had no idea if Gray was a boy or girl at that moment, because well as Speers Grandbaby can’t live without overalls. They’re newborn sized, yet his little 7lb 4 month old body was still a bit small for them. I remember that I had to tie knots in the straps because they wouldn’t go any smaller. My daddy’s in his overalls, his usual outfit. You see because of how much of my dad’s lungs weren’t usable they had started to push his internal organs out and stretch out his diaphragm from the weight. You know how a helium balloon looks after it’s deflated, that’s how lungs look when they’re no longer usable, so my dad had a lot of pockets of unusable lung. So he wore overalls a lot. They were comfy and didn’t put a lot of pressure on his stomach. It’s become a tradition that we have to have overalls in every size so that Gray can match Grandpa.

When I look at this picture today I see Gray in a pair of overalls that his little brother or sister will wear, and my dad with his big beard (it keeps his face warm while he’s out riding on his motorcycle in the cool spring) and an oxygen hose that babE2 will never see. babE2 won’t use it as a teething toy; it won’t be a part of my dad’s wardrobe once babE2 is here. babE2 won’t have hours of fun playing with the button on dad’s oxygen tank that makes the display light up. But babE2 won’t live a day when Grandpa S won’t be able to keep up with him or her. And really Grayson won’t remember my dad with oxygen or shallow breath, or the inability to tickle him for more than a minute.

When this picture was taken I wondered if my dad would be here for Gray’s first day of school, or to hold our second child, but God has blessed me with my dad. He’s blessed Gray and babE2 with a Grandfather who will be able to take them to the park, or show them how to play the sax. Every day on this journey I’m reminded of the little things that will change now that my dad has new lungs. I’m so thankful for the big things, but also the little things.


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