Every time I think of church when I was younger I see my dad on stage playing his saxophone. I remember hearing him play and how he let his worship envelop him. My dad taught me how to worship in your own way. To use those things you love the most as your worship.

My dad picked up a saxophone in high school and until he wasn’t physically not able to play anymore he played every week at church at least once. And the amazing most amazing God part of this is that he way he worshiped is the thing that kept him healthy as long as he was. And even still his muscles in his lower lungs were so much stronger than they could have anticipated and stronger than the average person. Playing for so long strengthened his lower lungs and kept him strong. God’s used my dad’s way of worship to keep him healthy for as long as he could.

Dance was my worship. Is my worship. And dance was something that kept me healthy. When I was younger I was diagnosed with severe childhood asthma. We now know that I carry the gene for my dad’s disease, and because of that I have had lung problems. So when I was younger my respiroligist suggested to my parents that I start an activity like dance so that it would help me build my cardio and help me learn to breath. So I started ballet, and fell in love with dance. Since them dance was the way that I worshiped. And dance has helped me stay healthy. It’s helped me build my cardio so I can do things like run around with Gray. It means that I’m able to keep up with Brian when he goes for a run, mind you I’m on my bike but still 5K in 30 minutes is still pretty fast.

I truly believe that when we worship whole heartedly God will use that and bless us. God blessed my dad with the ability to keep breathing and retraining his lungs so he could use the portion of his lungs that did function to the best of his ability.


Are you using your worship? Are you using the things you love the most to worship, as a form of worship? I would love to hear  about it.



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