From the daily archives: "Saturday, November 10, 2012"

I don’t remember a year when I didn’t pause and stand in silence to honour those who have fought for our freedom.

I remember my mom teaching me a song from her childhood.

Poppies in bloom on the battlefields of Europe – Taken by Matt Symes – used with permission

Poppy Day Song

Soldiers and sailors and airmen too,

Fought for us across the sea,

Brave and unselfish, strong and true,

Keeping Canada free!

I’ll wear a poppy on Remembrance Day,

To show I’m proud of what they did for me,

“Bless my country”, is the prayer I pray,

Let’s keep Canada free!


And last year spending time in Ottawa seeing all the veterans and hearing a whole city be silent is an experience I will never be able to put into words.

So please, tomorrow morning at 11:00am, take 2 minutes to remember. The first to remember those who fought for us, the ones that sacrificed their lives for us, and those who were blessed to come home. The second minute for those who are still fighting.



It’s just two minutes out of our days. These men and women sacrifice years and some of them their life for us. We can respect and honour their sacrifice for two minutes.



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