From the daily archives: "Sunday, November 11, 2012"

Today we pause for two minutes in respect and honour of those who gave up their time and some their lives for our freedom.

Today is not just about the first and second world war. Today is about every man and women who has and still serves Canada. My Great Uncle James spent his life in the Canadian Forces. He entered situations not knowing the outcome but knowing that he was serving his country and protecting us. Brian’s Grandfather spent the second world war as a doctor tending to the wounded. He gave his time for us.

Our generation does not understand what war is. I have not seen every man I went to high school with leave my small town and head off to Europe to fight a foe we didn’t know. I don’t fear every time the doorbell rings. I don’t fear the news.

When we chose Grayson’s name we knew that not only did we want to name him after Brian’s Grandfather, but we wanted to spend our lives teaching him about the legacy and sacrifice his Great Grandfather made for our country. We want Grayson to know our history as a country and as a family.

So today we spend the day as a family, the three of us, even though Grayson is too young to fully understand, we will pause, we will shed a tear or two, and we will honour those who made our country what it is today: Free.


I will hold the memories and feeling of our time in Ottawa last year with me forever. And I look forward to a year in the future when both of our children are old enough to understand.

Please stop for a moment, listen to The Last Post, and pause for 2 minutes. Even if it not 11:11, respect is given at any time. And please either publically or silently thank a veteran today and every day.

Today I remember. Every day I remember. I will never forget.


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