From the daily archives: "Wednesday, November 14, 2012"

Traditional breakfast – special coffee mug and shredded wheat.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my parent’s house. Life has gotten just a bit crazier this week.

By the end of last week I was getting into a new routine. I was getting used to being home and getting work done, and I really love what I’m doing.

And then Sunday came. Brian noticed a bit of an odd smell in our powder room, and then as the day progressed we started to notice it up in our bedroom. We searched the house and didn’t find any moisture that would be causing the smell. So come Monday morning we called Brian’s step brother who owns a Flood and Fire Restoration Company. Well Chris came over and searched the house and was baffled. We did find something but we’re not sure that’s actually the source of the smell.

Well the one thing we did find was that our hot water heater was rusting and corroded and about to fall apart and leaking a bit too. Thank goodness Chris came over. The leaking has caused a bit of mold in our laundry room. So yesterday the hot water heater service man came over to look at it, thank goodness it’s still a rental, and although I thought we would have to wait until the end of the week to have it removed, the service man was able to remove it right then. So as of yesterday at noon our sweet home no longer had access to hot water. We – well Brian – had to take everything out of our laundry room and the small storage room that share the wall that’s been affected.

babE2 and I hanging in my old bathroom ready for the day

So we’re crashing with my mom and dad for the next bit until the clean-up is done. Chris’s team is showing up tomorrow morning to start and get the clean-up done. Once the clean-up is done we can have a new hot water heater put back in.

We still aren’t sure of the cause of the funny smell in the house, but maybe while the team is there they’ll be able to figure it out. If not we will continue the investigation once we get everything cleaned up.

So I’ll just get used to working here at the kitchen table, probably have a nap this afternoon, and make dinner for the 5 of us tonight. Gray loves hanging with Grandpa again and getting some good snuggles.


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