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preemieToday is world prematurity day.

I’ve spent the last hour thinking about what today means to me, and I’ve spent the last hour holding back tears and wiping away the few that escaped.

Last year on this day I wrote about the little positives of being a preemie mom.

This year there are so many thought in my head but the biggest thread seem to be thankfulness. With most of my twitter and blog friends getting ready for American Thanksgiving the topic of gratitude seems appropriate.

Grayson came 8 weeks earlier than we had thought. 8 weeks is still early, but I’m so grateful that he waited an extra three weeks from the first time we went into labour. I’m thankful for God’s hand over all of us during those long 72 hours in the L&D ICU, and the next 3 weeks after that.

I’m so thankful for the amazing medical team we had when he was born. The paediatrician on call was amazing, and even though we had our share of complications Gray was born healthy and whole and I even had a moment to hold him before they took him away. The nurses who took care of Grayson and who taught us how to care for our little boy, and the amazing support system we had.

I’m so thankful for such amazing friends, my other NICU moms. Meg helped me through some of the hard days, we helped each other. Our boys were born within weeks of each other. We got each other, we got the battles, we understood how much a 5 minute snuggle meant. We rejoiced and we mourned together.


Brian and Grayson during our NICU stay. A good day for Gray – snuggles and a bath on the same day

Today I’m thankful for all the friends and family who have had full term babies. I’m thankful that you haven’t had to experience the NICU, that you never had to ask permission to snuggle your baby, and although you had more sleepless nights, the sleep you had wasn’t filled with worry that a phone call would wake you up.

To all my pregnant friends and soon to be pregnant friends, please be thankful for every day that you are pregnant. Be thankful for every growing pain and ach. Be thankful that you’re able to experience those things. If I could have done anything to have those last 8 weeks of growing Grayson on the inside I would. To give my son every extra moment for him to grow even bigger and stronger, I would pay a million dollars.

Please take a moment today to pray for every baby in the NICU. Pray for every nurse and doctor who is caring for little babies. And please pray continuously for every parent who’s living in the NICU.

My blog has gone purple today in hopes that thing brings some awareness to preemie education. Educate yourself on preemies, remember not to fluff off a preemie parent’s concerns, and please if you are pregnant or hoping to be pregnant, please please learn the signs of preterm labour and pre eclampsia. Knowing the signs of these could save your baby’s life.


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