From the daily archives: "Monday, December 3, 2012"

Well yesterday we had some family over for a little party. Since this is babE2, and we don’t expect a baby shower or anything fancy we thought we would throw a little party to share if a little mister or little miss was going to be joining us in 2013.

The Votes Are In

So at 4:00pm we gathered together, voted, and then we decided to let my dad cut the cake. He’s so excited for a new grandbaby to love on, and since Brian and I already knew (like for the last month) we thought we would let someone else cut the cake.

That’s right!!! A babE Girl will be joining us in 2013!

Aurora Elizabeth Ada will have a 2013 birthday, and I’m so excited to share our news. Our babE girls name has a lot of significance for us, and I’ll post about it later this week. Along with why we decided to share our name.

Thank you all so much for your excitement with us! I love that little Rory has so many people loving on her and praying for her already and she’s not even born.



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