From the daily archives: "Tuesday, December 4, 2012"


I think sometimes we forget that it all started with two people who followed the path God had for them. A couple who left the life they knew, left the comfort of their life, and allowed God to take over. A couple who’s desire to serve outweighed their desire to be comfortable.

Have you thought about how you would react if God asked you to give up everything and just follow him? What would your reaction be? Could you do it? Could you give up your life, open yourself to public humiliation because people didn’t understand or couldn’t comprehend that you were doing God’s work. Could you open your eyes and your heart to the amazing gift God had for you? I know there are days when I have a hard time laying down self for the small things.

If we take a moment and really think and prepare our hearts, we really aren’t that far from Bethlehem. From the spirit of sacrifice that Mary and Joseph had. The attitude that although may have needed adjustment in some moments, was willing to do what was asked with the knowledge that God was in control and they were in good hands. Can we bring the spirit of Bethlehem back?


Today let’s think on this: can I be like Mary and Joseph and laydown self and rest in the promise of God. What can I do today to prepare my heart? How can I show God that I am willing to do what he asks?


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