From the daily archives: "Monday, December 10, 2012"


This song gives me goose bumps.

Those days when Gray was small and I held him I could never imagine him as anything but that tiny little man in my arms. I never thought of him as an almost two year old, I never thought of him as a 5 year old, his first day of school, his high school graduation. In those moments I was just soaking him in.

As a mother I often wonder what Grayson’s destiny is, and I cannot imagine being in Mary’s place. Knowing that her son was created for greatness and was the son of God; knowing that he would do amazing things, but not knowing exactly what those things would be.

Did Mary know these things? Did God give Mary a glimpse of the things Jesus would do in his lifetime?

Do we realize that even as we celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time of year, we need to celebrate all the amazing things he did. Are we celebrating those things too? Are we celebrating the hope that Mary bore for us? Are we celebrating the Great I Am?



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