From the daily archives: "Tuesday, December 11, 2012"

I think the biggest thing we seem to let slip from our minds this time of year is the hope that was brought to us. A light to shine bright for us.


Hallelujah we’ve been found.


Hallelujah light has come!


Through the old Testament we are promised a saviour who would come to save us. A light was sent to show us the path. A child was sent to us, to show us that we can live a blameless spotless life. God sent us his son as a child to be the example of how to live our lives for him, to be the real life example of how we can lay down self. Jesus came as light to the world, a light that’s source is God and that lights the path to him.


Our light has come. Let’s remember that this year, and during those crazy days let’s remember to find the light and follow its path for us.


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