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Josephs song

We all know the story of Mary, the virgin who carried baby Jesus and became his mother. We as moms can all imagine the thoughts going through her head. But how often do we focus on Joseph, and his thoughts.

My godfather, Uncle Ralph, sent me this song for my advent after hearing what I was planning. To him this song embodies Joseph’s thoughts upon meeting his son, and probably some of them from the moment the angel appeared to him.

The one line that seems to resonate with me the most is

Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours


Joseph had already accepted the journey that God put him on, but he wanted to know where he fit, what was the bigger picture. I think all of us have moments like this. I know I do.

I’ve often asked God where I fit. Where do I fit in his ministry, where do I fit as a wife, as a mom? How do I fit into the destiny that he created for Grayson and Rory, and to help me be where he needs to be. There are times when I know asking for the big picture is futile. I know that I’m probably not ready to see the big picture, or even the next step.


For all my life I’ve been a simple carpenter. How can I raise a King?


How many times did Joseph ask this? How many times in the last 2 years have I asked how I’m fit to raise Gray? I know in times of doubt I wonder why God chose me to be a mom, why he chose for me raise Gray, and now Rory. I think, at least I hope, every parent has moments like this. I just can’t imagine the weight Joseph must have felt raising the Son of God, the child who would grow to save the world.

Listening to this song reminds me of the great heart Joseph must have had for God. Reminds me of the journey he took, and the amazing things he did for us by raising such an amazing son.


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