From the daily archives: "Tuesday, December 25, 2012"

One King


So he came with starlight and love in his eyes. No regal welcome for his infant cries.

There have been many babies to become a king, but only one king became a baby.


I don’t think I ever thought of Christmas and the gift of Christ in this way before. Jesus sat on the right hand of God, and on Christmas morning was born as a baby. A baby that could change our world. A baby that came to save us, and show us that we don’t have to live life separate from God anymore.


God so loved the world that he sent his only son Jesus to save us. He sent his son to us in the form of a baby. A baby that would grow before our eyes into a perfect blameless man who lived his life as a servant doing the works of his Father. God loved us so much that he send his son to a humble carpenter and his wife. He sent our saviour to us in a way that we would understand. He sent his son to be the example for all of us to reach for God in our lives, to be able to live a life with God, not separated from him.


Only one King became a baby, and he did it for us.


one king became a baby



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