From the daily archives: "Thursday, December 27, 2012"

Our last week has been a bit crazy, but in the midst of it I am so thankful that I was able to spend time with my family.

Last year Brian and I made the choice to just be us on Christmas day; to have it just the 3 of us from Christmas Eve until the end of Christmas Day. It was the best decision we ever made in regards to family time and I’m so thankful we are keeping it up. Christmas Eve we got home around 8:00pm and my mom had Grayson in bed, and so off to bed I went and Brian joined me as soon as he was done wrapping Gray’s few gifts. We woke up and took Grayson downstairs and just enjoyed a morning of unwrapping gifts with him and breakfast. It took about 2 hours to unwrap the 3 gifts under the tree because he was so excited to play with each one. The rest of the day was just mellow. I was still recovering from not sleeping much during our adventure, and needing to make sure I was doing as little as possible to keep Rory happy and safe on the inside for a bit longer. It was a pretty normal day, just staying in our pj’s most of the day, Brian took Grayson to the park to play for an hour and he loved it! And once Gray was in bed, Brian and I snuggled into bed and ate our Christmas Eve tradition of appetizers for dinner a night late, but still just as nice to spend some time with him.

About 11 years ago my family decided to start celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day. We were all getting older, my sister was married and had events with her husband’s family. And we knew eventually that would be the case with all of us. So rather than running around on Christmas day and missing each other we decided that we could wait an extra day and celebrate the next day. I mean really it’s not about the date on the calendar it’s about the reason we celebrate and being together. So Brian and Grayson and I headed to my sister’s on Boxing day for family time and an amazing dinner. I always used to tease my sister for being undomestic, but I was proven very very wrong.

As we sat at the dining room table, making a toast to the year we had had, and the year ahead, my dad stood a second time, and raised his glass in thanks for the family that gave us the opportunity to celebrate once again. A family who through their grief and pain choose to give life, and save his. This was the first year in many years that my dad has said grace before our meal without having to stop and take a breath every few words.

Christmas isn’t about the gifts under the tree or the wish lists, it’s about the amazing gifts that we’ve already received. This year we received a gift that I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for. This year I got my daddy back, and my children will get to see my dad the way I did as a child. Grayson will never remember my dad’s oxygen hose, or the buttons and lights he was so fond of on my dad’s liquid oxygen tank, but I know he will remember going to baseball games, and playing in the park and going skiing with him. He’ll remember camping in the backyard and marshmallows on the BBQ.

I don’t have many pictures of Christmas, we usually don’t. And especially this year we just wanted to enjoy our time together. Maybe next year we’ll bring out the camera, but this year it was nice to be just us.

Christmas isn’t over for this year just yet, we have another day to celebrate all the amazing gifts we’ve been given. Our tree will stay up a bit longer, our decorations will stay up on until March (we have winter decorations not just Christmas ones). And Brian and I get to give each other our gifts too. We’re having a date night, and a day just us to spend time together. There’s nothing in the world that I need other than some time with the man I love to just be. I’m excited for some time just us. It’s definitely needed.


for those wondering about our adventure – I’ll post more about it later – just know that Rory and I are doing okay and will hopefully make it through another month or two of cooking before Rory arrives


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