Do you Hear What I Hear

The child sleeping in the night will bring us goodness and light. A message that started with the Wind talking to a lamb and a shepard boy.


I love the story told through this song. A lamb talking to his shepard, who then goes to the king to tell the people.


But it’s more than the story in this song, it’s the lesson. Are we looking for God, are we listening for God? Are we sharing the message we’ve been told?


The message of Christmas is a powerful one, but what if the wisemen weren’t looking at the sky? Weren’t in search of that star? What if the shepards in the fields didn’t listen to the angels and go to find Jesus? As much as this song is about the Star and the voice and a child sleeping in the night, it’s also about the lesson to always be looking and listening for God. At least for me it is.


Elmo eating snack

Gray making sure Elmo gets snack too.

Now I know you’re wondering why Elmo and Rosie are singing this song when there are a million versions out there. Well first of all you have to know that Grayson LOVES Elmo. He had never seen him on TV, but we had a little Elmo and Gray would feed him lunch and carry him through the house. So of course Elmo had to go in with Christmas for Grayson. But there is more behind why I chose this version. Pop over to Natalie’s blog Take the Cannoli to read about it. And I’m pretty sure there’s a giveaway going on over there too.

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