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So here we are!!! Our first link up! I’m so excited to hear about your month and how you’ve been focusing on faith this month.


In case you missed the last few weeks here are this months posts:


This month has been a crazy month for us. We spent Christmas Eve in the L&D ICU, and that started off our year on a whole new world of bedrest. No more sitting with G during breakfast. Not much of anything going on. And then Friday the 11th, I ended up back in the hospital for 13 days. They let me come home Thursday, as long as we agreed to strict strict bedrest. So this month has been a big test.

So how did I make it through? How did I stop the voice? Easier said than done. But this month gave me the perfect opportunity to really focus on quieting the voice. Every time the voice popped in I ignored it, I took a breath and I stopped the questions. I focused on having faith in my husband, not second guessing every thought or wanting to correct the little things, I just trusted that he had it all under control. Really! What else could I do, I’m not allowed to do much of anything other than keep Rory cooking. So I gave up the control, focused on my faith and trust in him, and guess what! The world didn’t end.

Elmo Cake for Gray's 2nd Birthday

Grayson is so blessed to have such a dedicated Dad!

Remember how I said Brian was going to make Gray’s cake for his party this weekend. Well when I got home on Thursday I got to see what he was doing! Goodness! This man is amazing. I love decorating cakes, but I would not have taken on this task. But for Brian it was a challenge and he loved doing it, and proving he could do it. I have a feeling he might do a guest post A husband’s guide to bedrest and cake making but we’ll have to see if he sit down to write it any time soon –he’s a little busy being a single dad and doting bedrest husband these days.

So how did you do this month? Was there something big or small that God reveled to you about faith? Were you successful in quieting the voice at least a bit this month? Link up and let us know.

February is just around the cornerand I’m so excited! We’re focusing on Honor, and I have 3 amazing women joining me! I’m so excited to hear what Erin, Nadine and Christina have to say about Honor and how they’re Honoring their husbands daily, and for Erin and Nadine, even before they meet them! I’ll introduce you to them more on Sunday and we’ll kick off another month on Monday so be sure to pop back.

Now go link up! Tell us about your month!

Music has always been a big part of my life. I’m sure you can tell I have a lot of posts that reference a song or have a song in it that has some meaning to me. Gray and I have a song, my mom and I have a song, I’m sure Rory and I will have a song.

My mom shared this song with me a few months ago. A friend forwarded it to her the week after my dad’s first trial run for his transplant. It became her song during the weeks leading up to and the weeks after transplant.


It popped up on my Sirius Ap the other week when I was relaxing in the bath. After our adventure at Christmas, the words in this song took on such a bigger meaning to me.

I don’t know where you’ll take me
But I know You’re always good

I don’t know where this journey is going to take me right now. I’ve spent that last week in a hospital bed wondering if we’ll make it through another day. But the amazing thing about God and his peace is that even though I’ve been contracting for weeks now, I have this amazing peace. I have found rest in the knowledge that no matter what day Aurora arrives God is protecting her, and she will be healthy and whole.

My hope is built on nothing else,
Than Your great love, Your righteousness

I can’t imagine holding my daughter for the first time, because I just don’t know the circumstances in which she’ll arrive. Will it be in the OR when she’s full term, or will she be days or weeks old before I’m able to hold her if she’s a preemie? I can’t tell, and I don’t dream of that moment. But I do dream of the quiet moments we’ll have together. Of those early morning feedings when the sun is just starting to come up and I open the blinds in her room and we watch the sunrise through her windows. Of starting our days off in prayer just the way I did with her big brother. Of the night of her 21st birthday when I give her the string of pearls my Grandmother gave me when I turned 21. Of her wedding day, and so many other events we’ll celebrate together. My hope is built on a strong foundation of God’s love and his righteousness in my life. God has proven his love and provision in my life over and over, and I know that even though I can’t imagine the beginning, I can dream of what life will be like with Rory.

I will not walk another way
I trust Your heart, I trust Your name

So what do I do? When reality is that I may spend the rest of my pregnancy in a hospital with daily blood draws, nurses in and out all day, and my husband and little boy at home while I’m here. I walk. Figuratively of course. I spend those moments when it seems to become too much and lean into God; I take a deep breath and focus on the things I know. I know that God has a destiny planned for Aurora for before we knew she existed. I know she is fearfully and wonderfully made. I know that God’s hand of protection is on her life each and every moment. I know God created her with a plan and a purpose far beyond anything I can understand. So I walk out my faith every day, every hour, every minute, and know that no matter the timeline God is in control.

This song has become a theme song for me. When I’m having a moment of hormonal emotion, I throw this song on and just listen. In the event that Rory does arrive early, I’m sure she and I will have a song that’s just ours, the same way Gray and I did. Not sure what it is yet, but I’m sure it will come to us.

If you’re going through something right now and not sure what to do or where to turn, I hope you can quiet your heart and just listen for God’s voice. That you can build your hope in God and trust him with the situation. I am always here to pray if you need it, just send me off an email or tweet or message.

Today we are 28 weeks pregnant and have met one of our first goals of bedrest. 28 weeks! So thankful to have gotten this far, and finding rest in the knowledge that every day here means one more day of cooking Rory on the inside to help her get ready for the outside world.



A few weeks ago I talked about Faith and the little voice. The voice of doubt in the back of our minds that undermines the faith we have in our husbands. Well today I’m going to talk about that a bit more.

The past few months, especially the last week I have had to put so much more faith in Brian caring for Grayson than I have ever had to. Let me preface this. I trust Brian beyond a doubt with Grayson, always have always will! The hard part of this whole situation comes because I have been main caregiver for what feels like forever now, and Brian may not always recognize Gray’s cues or understand the importance of a certain thing. And with how sudden we’ve been put into the situation we’re in right now, I feel like I haven’t had as much time to prepare Brian and myself for this.

Right now I’m lying in a hospital bed with my only job being to keep Rory cooking as long as possible. This means that even more than before Brian is #1 when it comes to taking care of Gray. I’m literally not able to do anything, other than trying to talk G out of what he might want to get into. Have you tried to talk to a 2 year old who really wants to run out into the hall? Yea doesn’t always work.

Part of the reason that it’s so hard for me right now is that although Brian and I make all big decisions when it comes to parenting together, there are some smaller things that Brian’s just diverted to me. And after almost 2 years I’m pretty used to things, where as Brian may not realize the little things.

So right now I am working on building that faith in my husband in the little things. Not worrying about what Gray’s getting for dinner every night, and trusting that Brian understands that pasta or chicken fingers every night isn’t the most balanced diet. Trusting that if Gray’s not behaving like the little gentleman I’ve raised thus far, that we’re still reinforcing manners and proper behaviour. And trusting that he’s getting enough snuggles from Brian to count for both of us.

The little voice has been my enemy for a while, and I’ve been working on squashing it for a while too. That voice that says Brian do you really think you can do this?  Or  Brian I have no idea how you’re going to pull this off? But what is that doing to my marriage? It’s undermining the faith I have in Brian to be able to do the little things. And if I’m undermining the little things, how am I supposed to trust him in the big things.

As one of my good friends Hannah commented on our first post – practice makes perfect in marriage… if I am practicing that discontentment, not trusting, muttering little disrespectful things in my head; that is what I am going to become good at. However, if I am choosing to practice trust and believing the best, etc. it will start to come more naturally. It’s so true. We have to become good at trusting our husbands, even if it’s the smallest things.

At this moment if Brian were to walk in my room and say we’re moving half way across the world and we have 3 months to pack, well other than the fact that I’m in the hospital, I’m not sure my reaction would be very good – why because I’ve been practicing that discontentment and letting the voice affect my thought and trust in him. Should that be my reaction? Heck no!! So what do I do now?

Well I start to battle that voice. And to be honest I have the perfect opportunity to do that. Every time I wonder how G’s doing and what Brian’s doing, I stop myself and remind my self that Brian is the most amazing Dad and Gray is just fine. When I skype with them during dinner and it’s a meal I wouldn’t usually make, well guess what, at least he’s eating and for the most part it’s healthy. So I stop myself from commenting and realize that Brian is doing the best he can in the situation, and Gray is growing and thriving. And when Gray and Brian come to visit me and I see Brian’s eyes light up I’m reminded that there is nothing Brian wouldn’t do to give Gray the best life possible, and nothing he would do to jeopardize his health or safety.

Right now it’s about stopping those thoughts and muting that little voice, and I know after some practice it will become second nature and I’ll get really good at it.

What are your thoughts? Any tips on quieting that little voice? What is your trick? Let us know that you’re joining us this week for Godly Wife so we can keep you in our prayers.


babeblessings - Godly Wife

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Sidenote – Gray’s 2nd Birthday party is this coming Saturday, and I am obviously not going to be doing much of anything to help prep for it. I did make the invites and send them out, but other than that I’m not able to do much of anything. Well Brian has decided to make a cake for G, Elmo and all! Brian loves to cook, but I have never seen him ice a cake (other than my 25th birthday and that was just a disaster – it was a mousse icing – enough said) so to say I’m apprehensive about the outcome of this cake is an understatement. Well until I readjust my thinking. So I’m trusting that Brian will be able to pull off a tobogganing party with 7 children, plus pizza lunch, and cake after. I’ll update you next week on how it goes. Brian has already started to prep for the cake, and wont really tell me much about it at all.


I’ve spent that last 9 months really focusing on the message God has for me as a wife this year. Focusing on the lessons he needs me to learn and the words he needs me to hear in order to be the wife that Brian needs me to be. And the biggest message that I’ve gotten when it comes to my relationship with God is that sometimes emotions have nothing to do with it.

We’re women, we’re emotional. Hello I’m pregnant so I’m automatically overly emotional. But there are times when our emotions have nothing to do with what we need to learn or hear.

lensesBack in pre-marriage classes we were asked to set rules for when we had a disagreement. For me, I need a few minutes sometimes to let the emotion go and see the situation as it is, not through lenses of emotion. Well guess what I need to do the same thing with God. There are times when God’s working on something with me, and all I see is the situation through emotion.

So what does this really mean? I’ve been asking this question to myself for a bit now. And I realized that, God can love me so much, and care for me so much, but there are moments when maybe what I’m feeling doesn’t factor into the lessons he needs me to learn.

When I’m really frustrated over a comment or something Brian’s done, and my attitude towards Brian is totally out of line and God’s trying to remind me of what I’m called to; in those moments my attitude and emotion are in the wrong, God needs me to put the emotion aside, apologize and get my heart right again.

And sometimes it’s more than just a little thing like a comment or action. Sometimes it’s a bigger issue that we need to really just dial back our emotion and see what God wants us to see in the situation.

We aren’t told to love God will all our hearts on the days that we’re all sunshine and roses and question him every day that we’re not. We commanded That you love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence Luke 10:27 MSG, good day or bad.

So are we? Are we loving God with all our passion and prayer, muscle and intelligence? Are we letting emotion get in the way of our relationship with God? Are we missing the lessons that he has for us because we’re looking through the lens of emotion? This is something I need to work on. I need to learn to take a step back and see what the bigger picture is and more than just how I’m feeling about what God’s telling me.

When we get to a point when we can take the emotion out of our response I think it opens up our communication with God in everything. I think that the level of communication we have with God definitely reflect on our communication with our husbands. If we’re not open and honest and truly communicating with our Father who loves us and cares for us, how can we be open with our husbands?

So how do we stop? How do we take the emotion out of it? I would love to hear your thoughts. What are ways that you’re able to take the emotion out of the message that God’s sending you?


babeblessings - Godly Wife


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Good morning.

We’ve had a bit of a crazy weekend here that’s resulted in a bit of a hospital stay for Rory and I. She’s still cooking away but has been acting up a bit.

I had my post all done for today but last night God really laid something on my heart. As soon as I’m able to I’ll get it up and edited.

It’s Friday and that means that It’s Coffee Date day with Alissa from Rags to Stitches. So if we were sitting down for a coffee date here’s what I would tell you.

2013-01-11 08-55-22.422

First Brian bought me a new webcam over the holidays and it’s great – but it does this silly auto focus thing and it took me a bit to figure out how to get it to stop – and then it started happening again during the video! Argh! I’ll get it worked out soon I hope.




Second if you follow me on twitter you might have seen this tweet: Tweet Coffee Date Jan 11-13

We’re starting to work on our manners, but she’s a bit of a slow learner this week. lol. My friends would always joke with me that I was teaching Gray etiquette in utero and you better believe that it’s the same for Miss Rory.





So Here you go – a Coffee Chat with me. An update on life this week and some things we’re working on.


Also I promised Alissa that Rory would make an appearance today – but it’s a bit hard to get a good belly shot. So instead these will have to do. And Yup – that my ouch Contraction face in the bottom right.

And yes – you heard right – babEblessings Design is taking a break for a bit. I’m already planning some big stuff for when we’re back hopefully no later than June – I’m thinking a big giveaway for my birthday? Thoughts?

For now I ‘m concentrating on Rory and keeping her cooking as long as I can. One day I’ll get back to designing and I have lot of ideas that I’m sketching out until then.

Be sure to pop by on Monday. Week two of Godly Wife will be up and a lock screen for your phone and maybe a free print or two.

I haven’t written about this because to be honest I didn’t know how. And even now I don’t know what words to use or what to say so I’m just going to write.

This song popped up on my ipod while we were away at Ernst Island. I had gotten the album for another few songs but somehow this made it into my playlist and it brought me to tears. My heart was just starting to heal and this song said all the words that I couldn’t find.

In May Brian, Grayson, and I headed off to Cuba to celebrate Brian’s 30th birthday and to have a bit of a break. We had such a great week away just the three of us. We actually spent my birthday there as well and when we got home I got the best birthday present I ever could. Two lines on a pregnancy test. But our joy was short lived and we would never meet that little babE.

When we decided to open ourselves up to adding to our family we were taking such a huge step out in faith. With everything we had been through with Grayson and the probability we would be going through these things again it was a big step to take. And then losing the pregnancy broke my heart and to be honest made me wonder if we were completely wrong with wanting another child.

There’s a science side of me that rationalizes the loss, and tries to make me feel as if my emotional response isn’t justified. And I do understand the science side of it, but I also know the emotional side if it was tied to so much more than the loss of a pregnancy.

The chorus of this song says the words I couldn’t find for a month.

It’s like the sun is shining when the rain is pouring down,

It’s like my soul is flying when my feet are ground,

So take this heart of mine there’s no doubt,

I’m in better hands now.


I’m a person who when I’m trying to just push something down I stay busy. So for the month before we headed up north I just stayed busy. And then I didn’t have to deal with all the emotions. But when we arrived at the island I knew I would have to deal, I would have to accept things and I needed to get my heart right again. Thing song put what I was feeling into words. There was a piece of my heart that was no longer here on earth. It was dancing in heaven, getting snuggles from my Grandfather, but the rest of me was here on earth just wondering.

This song was a first step for me; a step in healing my heart; a step towards God again and knowing that his plan will come to fruition in my life.


So why months later am I writing all this? When I’m 12 weeks away from meeting my daughter and so much has happened since then.

Tuesday of this week we found out that our cousin lost his two baby girls, they were due a few weeks after Rory is set to arrive. Tuesday evening as I laid in bed breathing through contractions I put my playlist on and this song came on and brought on tears. Tears for our cousin. Tears for the hopes and dreams they had. And tears because I can understand some of the pain and hurt their going through.

iStock_000011994599XSmall Tonight I’m praying for all those who are going through a loss. Praying that maybe these words make you feel less alone, that the song helps heal even a part of the hurt, and for a great big hug to come your way (even just a virtual one from me)



Faith in marriage is huge! Faith in life and in everything in huge, but I think in marriage it’s one of the biggest factors in our marriages. But it’s not just faith in the big things; it’s faith in the small things too. We believe in God with the big things in our lives. Bringing the man who’s to be our husbands into our lives, guiding us as we have families, showing us the path we’re to take as a family. But I think sometimes we forget that faith is also believing in God with the little things too.

We also have to have faith in our husbands. Trusting that they are leading our families in the way God has shown them. And trusting that they’re going to fix the leaky tap in the bathroom too.

For me the biggest enemy to faith is doubt; that little voice in the back of our heads that’s second guessing what’s being said. It’s the voice of control for someone who has problems with not being in control. Brian will comment about needing to do something in a certain time frame and immediately that voice is saying, Really? You’re going to finish that task in that timeframe? Really Brian? But what is that voice doing – it’s undermining my faith in Brian.

I think sometimes we have the same thing with God. God ask us to do something, but we reply back with the voice. We wonder how in our crazy day we’re supposed to fit in that coffee with a friend who really needs it, or take that one on one time with our husbands when there’s 4 loads of laundry to get done and a to do list that’s a mile long. We doubt what God is asking us to do because we think he doesn’t understand our plan for the day. There’s that control again.

I have definitely noticed that since I’ve become a mom, feeling in control of the house and the to do list and the schedule make me feel a lot better about my days. But is that what God really wants of me? Is that need for control getting in the way of my faith? The past few weeks have been a big test in control. I’m stuck in bed without being able to do much of anything. Not much of anything means that I’m leaving Grayson’s care to Brian and it’s out of my control. Menu and grocery shopping, not in my control. That part of the budget isn’t something I can really control anymore. But the last few weeks and the next few months are a great time for me to work on having faith that Brian has it all under control. I also need to just sit back and trust in God and his handle on the situation. Focusing on the trust I have in God that Aurora will be healthy and whole whenever she chooses to arrive.

So this week I’m going to work on quieting that voice in the back of my head. When it starts to creep up and have a conversation with me, I’m going to squash it. That’s my focus for the week. Stopping that little voice that’s battling my faith.

Are you joining in this month?  We would love to pray for you as we all change our focus and work on our faith this month and becoming a more Godly Wife. Leave a comment below to let us know and we’ll add you to our prayer list.

Also grab the button below and pop it on your sidebar. Then we can see who’s joining us this month.


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  **I’m having some issues with my server this morning, and I can’t upload the lock screen and printables that I have for you all – but hopefully we can get it resolved today and I’ll have them up by the afternoon. I’ll tweet when there up.**



So here we go! Tomorrow is the big day! The start of our journey! So I thought I would introduce you to my co-hosts for January!

  January Co host mini photos

I am so excited to be starting my year with these two girls as Co-Hosts! If you ever get a chance to sit down and chat with them do it! They have such big hearts, and are so in love with God and their husbands. I’m excited to get to learn from them this month.

sd trip 2Jen is the first person who I talked with about this whole thing, and I’m so blessed by her ideas and thoughts.

Jen and her lovely hubby Micah dated back in high school, then moved away to college on opposite sides of the country, and after graduation started dating. They got engaged on the 10th anniversary of when they started dating back in high school! And they’ve spent the last two and a half years married.

Jen and Micah live in Arizona with their porcelain hunting dog – a futile attempt to satisfy Micah’s sudden desire for a real dog. Micah’s little sister is living with them and they love having her around.

For Jen the one thing that makes the biggest difference in their marriage is reading the Word and obeying it.  “Even though Micah and I don’t get to read the Bible together very often due to our schedules, the Holy Spirit is at work when I read the Word on my own, teaching me to submit gladly, love selflessly, and quiet my tongue when I want to nag or speak out of anger.”

I asked Jen what she hoped to gain from focusing on faith this month: “I am reminded more and more that Jesus is my faith. My faith is in Him, yet He is the one that is faithful on my behalf. He is faithful when I am not. I think worshiping Jesus for the gift of faith, gives us a heart that is ready to face trials in marriage and glorify God for the gift of marriage.”

Jen blogs over at The Arizona Russums


us At the beginning of December I was sending out a big email to all the girls who had signed up to co-host, and I before I hit send I had this push to add some other names to the list. Jess was one of them, and goodness am I glad I followed through with that push.

Jess and her hubby Scott live in the DC area with their little guy Judah. Jess and Scott will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in March. Jess left working full time in ministry to be a stay at home mom and she makes the most adorable hats ever! I can’t wait to have one for Rory and Gray next winter!! Scott leads worship on weekends, and spends his day doing nerdy engineering things.

The one thing that makes a big difference in marriage for Jess is clear communication. “Being able to communicate clearly and without raising your voice while upset”. Another big thing: Date nights! “Date nights to energize our relationship and bring us back to why we started courting in the first place it sometimes gets really hard to focus on each other while we have a very energetic two year old running around us. ”

Jess’s hope for this month: “I hope that the Lord would draw my husband and I even closer than we already are. To show us how to balance out our faith in the Lord, each other and our family.”

Jess blogs over at My Little Mustache



And then there’s me!

ernst-8513 Brian and I have been married for 4 years this past fall, and were dating for 2 years before that. After working in finance for years, I’m now a stay at home mom to Gray. babE Aurora is still cooking away and will hopefully wait a bit longer before joining us. Brian’s an Accountant who does something with computers (?). We live in Waterloo, Ontario in the Great White North – Canada.

For Brian and I the one thing that makes a big difference in our marriage is Tone. Our tone when we’re communicating can make all the difference. There are times when we stop and say sorry my tone was off on that, let’s try that again. And we’re firm believers in Date Nights. We had set date nights when I was in University and we were first dating, and we’ve tried to keep it up. My goal for 2013 is at least two date nights a month. Not always needing a baby sitter, but sometimes just a coffee date after Gray’s in bed, or a movie date on the couch on a weekend.

This month I’m anticipating some great things that the Lord has for me. I know that some of the things he’s going to say aren’t going to be easy to hear, but I know that every word he has for me is good, and will do good in my relationship with him and my relationship with Brian.


It all starts tomorrow! I’m excited to see how Jen and Jess are going to bless us all this month. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see it all start. And please let us know if you’re joining us this month. Comment below so we can all be praying for each other.

Until tomorrow.

It’s January!

And that means that we’re getting ready for our Godly Wife series to start!


Back in March when God put this on my heart it seemed so far away, but I’ve taken the last months and really looked at my heart and my marriage, and talked to a lot of other women and we are all so excited for this year and this series. And mostly I’ve really pressed into God and waited for his direction.

If you’re lost, don’t worry. I put a Help Wanted sign on our door back in October asking for co-hosts and really put my heart out there. Until then it was just an idea and thought and plan I had shared with a few close girls, but I took a leap of faith and put it out there and was blown away by the support and love.

Our Godly Wife series is a yearlong journey of focusing on 13 different characteristics we as wives or future wives can improve in big and small ways. Each month we have a new characteristic to focus on – two for November, and each week I’ll be blogging my journey and thoughts. This isn’t about building ourselves up to be the perfect wife, it’s about opening our hearts to God and asking him for help improving some characteristics that we may have forgotten about or may be lacking. Or we could be great at them and we can share how we’ve become great at them.

I have 20+ amazing women that are going to be joining me this year, and probably a few more that will be added to the list as the year goes on. Most are married, a few are single, but all have one thing in common: the desire to be a Godly Wife.


Nadine Nadine is joining us in February as one of the single girls. She has such a huge heart, and I know God has her husband waiting for her. She’s going to be sharing with us how she honors her future husband before she even knows who he is.



Virginia Virginia holds a special place in my heart! This girl is just the sweetest. We had a chance to talk in person at Influence for the short time I was there and she shared her heart with me. She’s joining us for March.



Kelly  Kelly is joining us for July and talking about Sincerity. I can’t wait for her to bless you with her words and her heart on this.



Christina Christina has become a fast friend, we found out we were both going to Influence and we live just 20 minutes away from each other! So coffee was a must. Christina’s going to share with us her heart on Contentment in August.



Sarah KS Sarah has such a sweet sweet heart, and I know you are all going to be blessed with what she has to say about Joyfulness in June.

There are so many other amazing women who are joining us and I’m so excited to have each one of them working with me on this project.


This really is a journey. A journey where every day we get to choose our focus and our attitude and really listen to what God has on his heart for us each individually. I’m excited to take this journey with you; to learn from you and hear what God’s putting on your heart.

Below you can download the calendar that I’ve created for January. It has the characteristic we’re focusing on: Faith, as well as the date of our link up at the end of the month, and a few other things thrown in as reminders. Each month I’ll put out a new calendar, one you can print out, one you can put on your desktop. And there might be some free printables and lockscreen prints each month too, but you’ll have to check back on Monday to see those.


Microsoft Word - January

January - 1280x800


  1250 x 800                   1680 x 1050

Monday January 7th we’ll start our first characteristic. My co-hosts and I will introduce it, as well as share with you a bit about how it’s a part of our marriage, or how we’re working on it. Then each Monday I’ll be sharing a bit more about my journey and some of the realizations I’ve come to.

Then the big day – Monday January 28th – we’ll have a big link up party where we can all link our posts to how our month has gone and what we’ve been able to learn about ourselves or our marriage or our husbands through the month. A tip to share with the rest of us, a story on how you failed miserably but you got up and started over, anything on your heart about this characteristic.

So here we go. 2013 is going to be a great year, a year where we can all grow and learn and build our relationships with God and our husbands, and each other. I’m excited to see what God has planned for us this year. I’m sure that what I have imagined is not even close to what God is going to do in all of us.


Put it in your calendars – come back Monday to hear about Faith, and how that little voice in our heads can sometimes be our worst enemy when it comes to our marriage.


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