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It’s the end of the first day of the New Year and I’m sitting here content. My little man has been moved into his new room with a single bed and toys and well generally a bit boy room. Brian is sitting next to me playing a computer game of some sorts. And babE Rory well she’s snuggled up nice and warm still baking away despite the craziness of the past weeks.


2012 was a hard year. It was a year where my heart seemed to keep breaking. I seemed to come up against so many lessons that I needed to learn and as hard as some of them were I’m glad that I was able to learn from them. There were moments of 2012 where I really wondered who I was and what my purpose was. And I let others thoughts and opinions affect my view of myself and the plan God has for me.

2012 was also a year that brought great blessings. We found out we were expecting babE2 and were overjoyed when we found out that we would be adding a daughter to our family. One of the biggest blessings we could have ever received this year was a new set of lungs for my dad. After over a decade of oxygen tubing, weekly treatments at the hospital, and having to pause for a breath during a sentence, my dad is free off all those things. He’s even looking to compete in the 2014 Canada Transplant Games next summer in at least the 5km race! He is a new person and has a new life, with lots of time to spend with us and doing the things he loves.

  2012 review

So now we look ahead to 2013. Aurora’s birthday will be sometime in 2013. We’re not sure when she’ll arrive, by April 9th for sure, but we don’t know if she’ll wait until then or decide to arrive earlier. 2013 we will be a family of 4, and for us, for the next few years we’ll be a family of 4, maybe for the next 25 until Gray or Rory gets married, only time will tell. This year will bring less travel, and more time at home just us. We’ll spend time up at Ernst Island and hopefully the Northern Lights will give us a show. We’ll all celebrate birthdays and milestones in life and career. And we’ll grow as a family.

2013 will be a big year for growth for me. I can just feel it. 2012 forced me to grow through some situations, but in 2013 I’m choosing to grow in ways I see myself lacking a bit. Not only am I doing a full year series with some amazing co-hosts (more details tomorrow) but I’m also anticipating that God’s going to push me in other ways too.


I’ve been thinking about what I want more of in 2013. What is one feeling or emotion that I would like to really be the focus of every day? I think this year I’m going to focus on being content. To just enjoy the day that I’m in and be content with the situations I’m in. To give up the go go go life, and be happy to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in silence. I’m going to journal for me a lot more this year; write letters to my children, put my heart on paper. Some of those thoughts may end up here, but I think most of them will end up in a book for my children to read later.


I’m anticipating a great 2013 for us all. That God’s voice will be clearer to us, that we would feel his love abound around us, and that his grace would be upon us.


**be sure to pop by tomorrow for some news about our 2013 series: Godly Wife. I’ll be introducing some of our co-hosts and my heart for all of us**




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