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Faith in marriage is huge! Faith in life and in everything in huge, but I think in marriage it’s one of the biggest factors in our marriages. But it’s not just faith in the big things; it’s faith in the small things too. We believe in God with the big things in our lives. Bringing the man who’s to be our husbands into our lives, guiding us as we have families, showing us the path we’re to take as a family. But I think sometimes we forget that faith is also believing in God with the little things too.

We also have to have faith in our husbands. Trusting that they are leading our families in the way God has shown them. And trusting that they’re going to fix the leaky tap in the bathroom too.

For me the biggest enemy to faith is doubt; that little voice in the back of our heads that’s second guessing what’s being said. It’s the voice of control for someone who has problems with not being in control. Brian will comment about needing to do something in a certain time frame and immediately that voice is saying, Really? You’re going to finish that task in that timeframe? Really Brian? But what is that voice doing – it’s undermining my faith in Brian.

I think sometimes we have the same thing with God. God ask us to do something, but we reply back with the voice. We wonder how in our crazy day we’re supposed to fit in that coffee with a friend who really needs it, or take that one on one time with our husbands when there’s 4 loads of laundry to get done and a to do list that’s a mile long. We doubt what God is asking us to do because we think he doesn’t understand our plan for the day. There’s that control again.

I have definitely noticed that since I’ve become a mom, feeling in control of the house and the to do list and the schedule make me feel a lot better about my days. But is that what God really wants of me? Is that need for control getting in the way of my faith? The past few weeks have been a big test in control. I’m stuck in bed without being able to do much of anything. Not much of anything means that I’m leaving Grayson’s care to Brian and it’s out of my control. Menu and grocery shopping, not in my control. That part of the budget isn’t something I can really control anymore. But the last few weeks and the next few months are a great time for me to work on having faith that Brian has it all under control. I also need to just sit back and trust in God and his handle on the situation. Focusing on the trust I have in God that Aurora will be healthy and whole whenever she chooses to arrive.

So this week I’m going to work on quieting that voice in the back of my head. When it starts to creep up and have a conversation with me, I’m going to squash it. That’s my focus for the week. Stopping that little voice that’s battling my faith.

Are you joining in this month?  We would love to pray for you as we all change our focus and work on our faith this month and becoming a more Godly Wife. Leave a comment below to let us know and we’ll add you to our prayer list.

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