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I’ve spent that last 9 months really focusing on the message God has for me as a wife this year. Focusing on the lessons he needs me to learn and the words he needs me to hear in order to be the wife that Brian needs me to be. And the biggest message that I’ve gotten when it comes to my relationship with God is that sometimes emotions have nothing to do with it.

We’re women, we’re emotional. Hello I’m pregnant so I’m automatically overly emotional. But there are times when our emotions have nothing to do with what we need to learn or hear.

lensesBack in pre-marriage classes we were asked to set rules for when we had a disagreement. For me, I need a few minutes sometimes to let the emotion go and see the situation as it is, not through lenses of emotion. Well guess what I need to do the same thing with God. There are times when God’s working on something with me, and all I see is the situation through emotion.

So what does this really mean? I’ve been asking this question to myself for a bit now. And I realized that, God can love me so much, and care for me so much, but there are moments when maybe what I’m feeling doesn’t factor into the lessons he needs me to learn.

When I’m really frustrated over a comment or something Brian’s done, and my attitude towards Brian is totally out of line and God’s trying to remind me of what I’m called to; in those moments my attitude and emotion are in the wrong, God needs me to put the emotion aside, apologize and get my heart right again.

And sometimes it’s more than just a little thing like a comment or action. Sometimes it’s a bigger issue that we need to really just dial back our emotion and see what God wants us to see in the situation.

We aren’t told to love God will all our hearts on the days that we’re all sunshine and roses and question him every day that we’re not. We commanded That you love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence Luke 10:27 MSG, good day or bad.

So are we? Are we loving God with all our passion and prayer, muscle and intelligence? Are we letting emotion get in the way of our relationship with God? Are we missing the lessons that he has for us because we’re looking through the lens of emotion? This is something I need to work on. I need to learn to take a step back and see what the bigger picture is and more than just how I’m feeling about what God’s telling me.

When we get to a point when we can take the emotion out of our response I think it opens up our communication with God in everything. I think that the level of communication we have with God definitely reflect on our communication with our husbands. If we’re not open and honest and truly communicating with our Father who loves us and cares for us, how can we be open with our husbands?

So how do we stop? How do we take the emotion out of it? I would love to hear your thoughts. What are ways that you’re able to take the emotion out of the message that God’s sending you?


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Good morning.

We’ve had a bit of a crazy weekend here that’s resulted in a bit of a hospital stay for Rory and I. She’s still cooking away but has been acting up a bit.

I had my post all done for today but last night God really laid something on my heart. As soon as I’m able to I’ll get it up and edited.


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