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So here we are!!! Our first link up! I’m so excited to hear about your month and how you’ve been focusing on faith this month.


In case you missed the last few weeks here are this months posts:


This month has been a crazy month for us. We spent Christmas Eve in the L&D ICU, and that started off our year on a whole new world of bedrest. No more sitting with G during breakfast. Not much of anything going on. And then Friday the 11th, I ended up back in the hospital for 13 days. They let me come home Thursday, as long as we agreed to strict strict bedrest. So this month has been a big test.

So how did I make it through? How did I stop the voice? Easier said than done. But this month gave me the perfect opportunity to really focus on quieting the voice. Every time the voice popped in I ignored it, I took a breath and I stopped the questions. I focused on having faith in my husband, not second guessing every thought or wanting to correct the little things, I just trusted that he had it all under control. Really! What else could I do, I’m not allowed to do much of anything other than keep Rory cooking. So I gave up the control, focused on my faith and trust in him, and guess what! The world didn’t end.

Elmo Cake for Gray's 2nd Birthday

Grayson is so blessed to have such a dedicated Dad!

Remember how I said Brian was going to make Gray’s cake for his party this weekend. Well when I got home on Thursday I got to see what he was doing! Goodness! This man is amazing. I love decorating cakes, but I would not have taken on this task. But for Brian it was a challenge and he loved doing it, and proving he could do it. I have a feeling he might do a guest post A husband’s guide to bedrest and cake making but we’ll have to see if he sit down to write it any time soon –he’s a little busy being a single dad and doting bedrest husband these days.

So how did you do this month? Was there something big or small that God reveled to you about faith? Were you successful in quieting the voice at least a bit this month? Link up and let us know.

February is just around the cornerand I’m so excited! We’re focusing on Honor, and I have 3 amazing women joining me! I’m so excited to hear what Erin, Nadine and Christina have to say about Honor and how they’re Honoring their husbands daily, and for Erin and Nadine, even before they meet them! I’ll introduce you to them more on Sunday and we’ll kick off another month on Monday so be sure to pop back.

Now go link up! Tell us about your month!


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